Would this be a fair offer?

DianeB Posted By DianeB, Aug 7, 2012 at 2:00 PM

  1. tcassavaugh

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    Jan 10, 2010
    Southern Maryland
    Dianne, what part of the Berkshires do you live in. I have a brother just over the border of mass not far from Jiminy Peak and Pittsfield. He burns also and is always looking for some wood. He might be interested in assisting. might get your husband back out in the woods.

  2. jackatc1

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Port Crane ny
    I have a young neighbor has his own saw , we both cut and load.
    I supply the tractor and wagon 50/50 split.
    He uses and maintains my spliter and tractor.

    PS he is a Mechanical Engineneer, and has a strong back.
  3. DianeB

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    Apr 26, 2012
    Foot Hills of the Berkshires

    thanks to everyone that responded. I am going to take advanatage of the free forest eval. offered by the Massachsetts forestry service. I am interested in what kind of forest I have and if there are ways to do selective cutting to improve the forest. The may do a mini eval and then refer me on to a licensed forester for a forest plan if the state forester believes a plan will help. Hate to think we would be out there willy nilly cutting down the easiest trees to get to which might happen if we brought in someone else to help cut. Cass - we are a bit south of Pittsfield in Franklin County.
    I did not know there were so many forrest types...this list is pretty lenghty. I think mine is


    (all you foresters will have a good chuckle at my ignorance ...go ahead, I can take it. LOL
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  4. Thistle

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    Dec 16, 2010
    Central IA

    That's pretty much what Dad & I did with the older neighboring farmer my parent's bought their acreage from in 1981.Soon afterwards the older couple needed wood for their add-on furnace,they had 60 acres of timber easy access with plenty of standing snags & deadfall scattered all over.The farmer didnt like cutting wood what with all his other work on the farm,Dad & I could cut any & all the dead we wanted,keep 1 load for us,dump 1 load unsplit through their open basement window where the furnace was located every few weeks when needed.At one time I had 35 full cord split & stacked in processing area,I had much more stamina then. >> Dad would match me split for split,using that Monster Maul.

    Pretty good deal for all of us,I was just out of high school & not even in my prime yet,Dad was a little past 50 & in good shape still.That went on until the couple died in the mid -late '90's & their 160 acre farm was sold,split into 3 parcels & we lost access.Now for almost 10 yrs its just me keeping parent's 10 acres neat & tidy,99% of all the felling,bucking,hauling,splitting & stacking is done by me alone.Dad still likes to sharpen a chain once in a while,bring me a cool drink,pick up a few smaller sticks & watch me work.But the days of him doing 'heavy'work are past.I treasure these quiet moments we still have together,they wont be around much longer as we get older.
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  5. Realstone

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    Jan 20, 2012
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    That's cool. Memories like that don't fade. My son & I work together and are building memories like yours.

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