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  1. A


    Our PE Alderlea T5 is installed with stone veneer behind it and a mantel from casa de sassi. Very happy with the look. Any ideas/advice for what is safe to put on the mantel as decor? Or just near/around the stove in general? First timer here!
  2. P

    Wood stove ceiling clearance with stove tucked halfway in alcove

    Hello all, First off this community is amazing. I have been reading threads and researching for our new stove for the past month and this website has by far bee nthe greatest resource. Every night when I get on this forum I crumble up my design paper and throw it away and realize that my...
  3. N

    Corner install heat shield requirements

    Hey all, looking to do a corner install with heat shield for a Drolet Nano. Stove only needs 2.5inch clearance to combustable with heat shield installed. I'll be doing 4in to give a bit of extra. How far along the wall do I need to run the heat shield? And which point to I measure off...
  4. ChainsawDave

    Installation Design Advice for a Small Cabin

    Hi everyone! So I've got all the components for my install and have a couple questions about clearances. My stove is an HQ issue tent stove (I know it's not ideal but i figure if I follow the advice for un-certified stoves, it can be done safely). The stove is in a corner but also partially...
  5. R

    contractor maybe misled by owners' manual (posted earlier in wrong forum)

    Hi I have a 32" deep x 56" wide X 9' tall alcove where there used to be a fireplace and chimney. The chimney had issues so we had installed a lopi patriot stove and chimney liner and now for seismic upgrades have removed the chimney. We now want to reinstall the lopi to code. And at some future...
  6. O

    Need heat shield advice. Copper shield for wood walls?

    Hi! I was hoping some folks may have some input on some questions I have before installing my woodstove. I am going to be installing The Hobbit woodstove in my tiny house. The woodstove requires 18 inches of clearance to the rear and 16 for the sides. I have built a wooden stove stand for it to...
  7. T

    Fireplace Clearances Question for 1920's fireplace

    I live in Pittsburgh and have researched fireplace inserts until I am blue in the face! I really want to buy a fireplace insert but the costs to have them professionally installed will run me at about $3500-$5000. I recently spotted a Jotul c450 Kennebec that is about 2 years old on Craigslist...
  8. I

    Hearthstone Harvest - Bought by mistake

    new to the forum. I've ended up with a Hearthstone Harvest model 8402. The previous owner advertised it as a Heritage - about 15 years old, and said they had verified this with Hearthstone, but after moving it home, a closer looked revealed that it is a Harvest. So, the catalytic combustor is...
  9. J

    Wall and Ceiling Shielding Question

    I am building a sauna with a wood stove. I am installing wall clearance reduction shields on two walls and on the ceiling. All will have min. 1" air gaps. My question is where the wall and ceiling shields would meet do I butt the wall and ceiling shields together, or leave a gap? Thanks, Jim
  10. A

    Ceiling Clearances (non-alcove)

    HI I live in Illinois and I am having a wood stove installed today. It's a Jotul F3cb. I was mildly concerned about the ceiling clearances that I have. It will be installed in the basement on the hearth of my traditional fireplace, but not at all in the original firebox...sitting just in front...
  11. M

    Solar Key

    I've just purchased a used Solar Key wood stove. It appears to be in very good shape, with only a bit of rust and a couple of fire brick that need to be replaced. I was interested in Solar Key because I was part of a family business that sold them, from about 1979-85. We were Pendleton's House...