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  1. J

    How to (safely) connect tee to Duravent insulated wall pass through

    I finally got all the parts (hopefully) I need to install a glue liner in a masonry chimney. I went with DVL stove pipe and Duraflex liner. Since I’m going through a combustible wall to the chimney I purchased an insulated wall pass through...
  2. A

    True Heat TH36PA Fireplace 8" ID x 14" OD chimney extension

    I am wanting to add a section of chimney to my existing roofstack. This is my parents house that was built in the mid 80s. The fireplace has a label Dhat shows this to be a TrueHeat TH36PA zero clearance fireplace. The manuals I found online call for duct pipe that is 8 inches innner diameter...
  3. 9

    Industry folks, have I got a hilarious photo for you!!!

    Found at the local resale shop. Laughed for 5 minutes straight and considered re-selling :D
  4. M

    Selkirk DSP and Vermont Castings Compatibility

    Hi, I’m trying to install my new Vermont Castings Aspen C3 wood stove. It’s replacing a stove, so I’d like to use the same stove pipe and chimney system I have in place already. Problem is, is it seems the stove is not compatible with any of the selkirk dsp components. The telescoping double...
  5. M

    Question about Duravent cleaning

    I bought a new Harmen pellet stove last year and also had a new vent installed. I usually clean everything myself but this year I am lost at how to get into my Duravent vent. Usually I access it from the outside by taking off the grate at the end but on this vent there are no screws and no...
  6. O

    Parts & Installation Help for Petit Godin Wood Burning Stove

    I recently bought a never been used Petit Godin stove and need help with parts and installation in my older home. The stove has a 4" flue pipe coming out the back that I'd like to convert to 6". My plan is to use a DuraVent DuraPlus Through-the-wall Chimney Kit...
  7. B

    Old Duravent 9-DCR-P?

    Trying to figure out if there is any way to utilize my existing stove pipe, I suspect it is original to the house. I’m aware duravent changed hands several times but unsure what that means for connecting a new wood stove to this. I’m remodeling and would like to install a new wood stove. Any...
  8. H

    Jotul 602 125 mm to 6" Duravent connection. Please Help

    Hello, I'm trying to attach my Jotul 602 wood stove with a 6" double wall duravent chimney. I have a 4.5" 125mm opening from the stove and a 6" chimney pipe with the 6DT-FC adaptor in it. I can't find a 125mm to 6" adapter that seems like it will fit into the 6DT-FC piece. Help? -Nathan
  9. S

    Cannot remove this duravent cleanout plug

    The house I bought this past summer has a winslow ps40 pellet stove which has been running great. I would like to remove the cleanout Tee but having difficulty. I can turn it clock wise about an inch or so but can't get any other movement. I assume I should be pulling it strait down after...
  10. S

    Baby Bear 6" not playing nice with Duravent "T"

    HI! I have been lurking on this forum for a while and found loads of helpful info thanks. I have not seen this item covered elsewhere: This is a new install. I have a rear-venting Baby Bear, 6" (6" outer diameter, 5 3/4" inner) which will not mate well with the double-walled Duravent DVL 6" "T"...
  11. Chamel

    DVL Telescoping/Adjustable Pipe Minimum Overlap?

    Hi everyone! I received all my pipe and will be installing it to my Sirocco 30 this weekend. I have an adjustable piece of 12" DuraVent DVL pipe that might fit on my fixed length of DuraVent DVL. My question is what should be the minimum overlap between an adjustable piece and fixed piece? I...