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  1. P

    Possible chimney fire? Shingles burning.

    Hey there, I've been following a long time, but first time posting. I just installed a used catalytic wood stove (dutchwest 4621) and a new 6in double wall stainless steel chimney liner into a 6x6 terracotta lined chimney. I started using my stove in Jan 2021 (one month). The wood im using...
  2. I

    Fisher Insert

    We recently bought a house with what I believe is a Fisher Fireplace Insert that was installed by the previous owner. We had a chimney inspection so we know it is installed correctly, and we have used it with no issues. The Fireplace Insert does not have the surround/flashing/trim kit and air...
  3. J

    Castle Serenity lcd display flashing

    I purchased a Castle Serenity pellet stove 2 months ago and it seemed to be working fine. Three weeks ago while on the temperature control setting the stove seemed to smolder out with a warning to check basket. The basket was full. It doesn't seem to be reigniting. On manual it worked fine...
  4. D

    Lost power now N. Englander pellet stove wont start

    So our power just went out. Then came back on partially. We tried turning the stove back on to help suck out the smoke but all it did was blink and even make a noise while blinking. I unplugged it for a few minutes (still while the power wasnt up fully) and tried it again. Same thing...
  5. Kosmonauts

    soffit/overhang under side flashing?

    Hello, About to finish up my installation with the duraplus triple wall chimney pipe and have run into a little bit of a pickle. I am going through my soffit/overhang and basically just want a piece of flashing on the under side of the overhang where the pipe starts to go through. I...