1. Johnald32

    Leaky (water and air) Chase - Victim of a Crappy Install or Crappy House?

    Going on my second year of owning a new KozyHeat Z42 zero clearance fireplace, and I'm having a few issues. One, when not burning, the room is clearly drafty and cold. Two, I've been noticing the "plink!" of water on top of the metal stove when it rains. A bit about the setup: the stove is...
  2. B

    Brick Chimney leak

    My brick chimney is leaking on the inside with heavy rains. In the picture seems like the obvious spot that it is leaking from. Would you all agree that this is the probablentry point for water? Also, what kind of sealant is best to use here? Thanks!
  3. R

    Chimney Leak with Wind/Heavy Rain

    Hi, First post. My brick chimney used to leak along the back wall of the firebox when it rained it was already capped. I had the chimney crown redone, retucked brick work and waterproofed whole chimney. After words the leaking decreased dramatically but did not stop completely during heavy...
  4. M

    Fireplace flue - unusual blob

    Hi, We've got an unusual blob formed on the external wall of the chimney flue. Just wondering if you have seen anything like that before and know what it could be? The flue kit has been installed new in Sept-Oct 2015 Haven't touched it yet, as don't want to damage the flue any further just at...
  5. J

    How to remove double wall chimney pipe

    Hi all, our stove pipe runs single wall downstairs, then switches to double wall in the bedroom. I believe the double wall section in the bedroom has a leak. I can see creosote stains on a joint. How do I remove the stove pipe sections so that I can take a look. Do I just pull the locking rings...
  6. Chamel

    Blaze King Sirroco 30 Overfires when thermostate is above med/high.

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me here. I just bought a sirocco 30 this year and have been trying to learn how to use it the past few weeks. It's awesome getting 24 hour burns with even heat. But I have a few problems. I know your supposed to burn your fuel on high for 20 or 30 minutes to...
  7. zenoparadox

    hi300: leaky grill?

    (For the lexicographers in the audience who no doubt will feel the irrepressible urge to "correct" me: the OED gives "grill" as an alternate form of "grille". Regency uses both interchangeably. The manual says "grill". Their web site says "grille" in some places, "grill" in others.) We got a...
  8. G

    Noob - New Stove - Very bad smell! Help!

    We're in the SW of France, where the weather has turned and we've had an Arduro wood stove installed a couple weeks ago. We ran it on and off over a few days with all seeming to go well until yesterday morning, when we woke to a very strong smell in the house. I had a look at the stove and...
  9. Chamel

    Sirocco 30: Can I Burn With The Ash Channel Seal In Place?

    Hi everyone! I'm ready to break in my Sirocco as soon as cooler weather comes in (probably this weekend.) My only concern left is can I burn the stove with the ash channel seal in place? I can't seem to fine a definite answer to this. The stove came shipped with a metal bottom plate with four...
  10. B

    Jotul F3 CB Glass Air Leak

    I recently replaced the door and glass gaskets on my Jotul F3 CB. The Dollar bill test works great on the door, but not on the glass. The glass is held by two clips, one on each side of the glass. When I do the dollar bill test the glass is very tight on the sides, but it fails on the top an...