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  1. J

    Portage and main

    I contacted Portage and main for pricing on a 2840 model. I was very impressed with everyone I talked to! they truly made me feel like a valued customer. I have done my research for months and I have came to the conclusion that there isn’t another stove like this one. Now days everything is made...
  2. E

    Wood boiler power module

    We are thinking of selling a new type of technology, a wood boiler power module, that would allow you to generate power on demand from the hydronic heat of your wood boiler. It would power your home, allowing you to be completely off-grid. The power module would be 48"W by 48"W by 20"Tall and...
  3. St. Coemgen

    Your Opinions on: "Restoring Our Homestead Woodstove"

    A Youtube Video. A UK couple, living in Portugal. Clearly an inexpensive steel stove, with a back water heater. Given what he had to work with, your thoughts. What he did, was it: - Correct - Incorrect - Could have done better Details for each in your comments.
  4. A

    Replacing Brookwood boiler: Gasifier vs a "conventional"?

    Currently have a "indoor boiler" that is essentially a steel box with a L shaped tank on top, looks like this: Air inlet is in the back, has what appears to be a Samson draft regulator to open/close the air inlet based on water temp: Air then comes up to the front in the tubes above the...
  5. S

    Boiler/gasifier? Need help deciding which unit best fits our needs.

    Looking for a wood based hot water solution that will work with our existing baseboard heating setup and not sure which direction to take. I've been reading about outdoor wood boilers and gasifiers but can't say I'm in love with any of the options I've found so far. Spoke with a Central...
  6. TheNeverStill

    Help with heating DHW as well as air

    Hello all! I’m relative new to wood boilers (came with the 1200sqft home I purchased in April). It’s a 120k BTU hardy that is connected to my HVAC vent stack (pex to a copper radiator in the vent). Our water heater is on the way out (incredibly 30 years old), and I’m thinking I’d like to go...
  7. H

    New to the scene- need advice

    Hi everyone, just purchased a new home and need to make some heating/hot water installations. My previous home was in a community which was exclusively natural gas so am trying to weigh the pros and cons of my new heating options (electric, oil, wood) Current house system- Right now there are 2...
  8. B

    Wood boiler plumbing/pump

    I have searched around and asked how big of a difference is there if I install a wood boiler up hill from the house about 75ft of pipe total .does this effect anything with the returnflowing back up the hill ? Also has anyone had experience with the Oak tree 300 wood boiler? I can not find...
  9. B

    Domestic Water Issues?

    I just installed a Heatmor Outdoor boiler for my home. I have an hydronic system with cast iron radiators. My oil boiler also heats my domestic hot water. I have my Heatmor and Oil boiler running through a plate exchanger. It is working great for heating my house, boiler hasn't kicked on...
  10. F

    Wood Burning Stove with Back Boiler - Help!!

    Hello, This is my first post so please be patient with me if I am in the wrong category for my questions! I have moved into a house with a wood burning stove with boiler bit attached to it that fuels the heating and hot water system for the 3 bedroom cottage… the maximum temp for the stove is...
  11. R

    Catalytic wood boiler

    Hey all, long time reader first time poster here. I've been searching for info on a catalytic wood boiler that can burn long and low like a catalytic stand alone stove, but can't seem to find anything. Does this exist, and if not, why? It seems like it would be a great way to avoid needing...
  12. 1

    Help, i'm heating an 1806 Stone Home...

    I just bought a 1806 Stone Home in Upstate New York. It's beautiful.. 2700sf and is currently heated with a OIL boiler (lennox) the boiler system has some hot water radiators and a forced air blower. heats very well.. so well, I'm spending $400.00 a month heating the home. my question, I would...
  13. D

    Jensen 24b indoor wood boiler manual needed

    I am in search of a manual for a Jensen 24b indoor wood boiler. I see there is an older thread on this but it is not closed. If anyone can help it would be of great help. Thanks in advance!!!!!! :)
  14. S

    Wood boiler advice

    I have a old Riteway RB-75 wood fired boiler. It works pretty good apart from a couple issues. First it creates a lot of creosote in the firebox which Ive read can be solved by having longer burns. But I was wondering if there was a good additive to remove some of the creosote? Or what else...
  15. A

    Looking for a wood boiler installer

    Hi folks, Art, here. I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for a recommendation on an experienced indoor wood boiler installer. I'm sure I could get my plumber to do the job, but I'd like to find someone who has a lot of experience with this type of heating. I live in southwest Washington...
  16. S

    Help!? Design my install (heat dump, pumps, storage)

    Hello, I am new to the boiler adventure and my new glenwood 7050 arrives today. I have been reading and researching for weeks and I believe I have my head wrapped around the install for the most part. There are a couple of questions I would love some feedback on. and if some of you are...
  17. J

    Jetstream furnace refractory rebuild

    Hi there, We recently purchased an old Jetstream furnace, but the refractory chamber was completely destroyed. We have a friend who is a stone mason who will help us to rebuild, but we have been unable to find any drawings/plans/molds/etc. to guide us. Has anyone recast the entire refractory...
  18. D

    Thermal Storage Tank Fitting Seal?

    I have 2x 500 gallon propane tanks, filled with water. There are multiple pipe threaded fittings, but none of them leak. I would like to permanently (and very reliably) seal the fittings that are made for the float/gauge mechanism. I thought of tapping the hole, but it would be at least 1.25...