1975 Defiant - Glass Doors Option?

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New Member
Nov 25, 2020
First I just want to say that this site has been super helpful. When I moved into this house a couple years ago I knew nothing about woodburning stoves and since then I have learned a ton from everybody’s help.

The Defiant unit I have has solid doors, I’m curious to know if it’s possible to get new doors with glass inserts. My searching has shown nothing out there for the 1975 model but I didn’t know if that was because it wasn’t available or because they are just hard to find. If anyone has more info that would be super helpful!!
yes they never made them for this version of the defiant. again i'm in the wrong business. that stove shop has screws for over 11 dollars then you have to ship them;hm
Has anyone ever tried to have glass doors made for an old Defiant?
Could conceivably be done.

Order your glass (transparent ceramic, not really glass), trace the shapes onto the doors, cut the iron with a plasma cutter, about an 8th of an inch smaller all around, as compared to your glass. Now you'll need some small rope gasket, which you can adhere to the doors, to seal it up. Now you'll need to drill and tap some holes around the perimeter, for the clips to hold it together.

I highly doubt you could find someone to do it, and even if you could, or decided to do it yourself, just be aware that the glass will blacken on the first fire, and stay that way until you clean it again. Modern stoves use a technology called airwash to burn a the gook off the glass. You would still see a faint glow to let you know there's a fire for most of the time, but your not getting a nice fire show out of it.

I used a vc resolute with glass for many years and also rebuilt a resolute, including the windows, so I have up close experience of how the iron was cast with channels to contain the glass, and house the gasket.

I would say it's an interesting idea, but unless you are doing it yourself and are ok with opaque glass that looks a lot like the solid iron you currently have, because it's black from soot 99% of the time, then it's probably far from worth the cost and effort.
I just do it
Cut the door and install glass window
Cost me 300$
Without an air wash system, those windows will get blackened up quick.