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  1. D

    Restricted air inlet damper on new VC Defiant

    I am new to this site. My new Defiant has a very restricted air inlet damper. Will not stay up to temperature wide open unless I crack open the ash pan. Excellent draft causes great heat up with ash pan cracked open. Inspected small rectangular oval damper plate. It only opens a crack before...
  2. P

    1975 Defiant - Glass Doors Option?

    First I just want to say that this site has been super helpful. When I moved into this house a couple years ago I knew nothing about woodburning stoves and since then I have learned a ton from everybody’s help. The Defiant unit I have has solid doors, I’m curious to know if it’s possible to...
  3. N

    VC 1977 Vigilant Misc Part Identification

    just purchased a house with a Vermont castings 1977 stamped vigilant wood burning stove. From what I can tell its in working order. Previous owner used it. Seals seam to be good (dollar test), no seam leaks i can find. I do see a small gap between the flue and collar that connects the pipe to...
  4. E

    VC Defiant - Where is primary air intake?

    I recently bought a new VC Defiant wood stove. I previously had a white enamel Jotul Firelight 2... they are very similar stoves in terms of capacity and top-loading and looks. I read all the bad reviews on this site and others about VC but i loved that it was top-loading and looked so similar...
  5. V

    Air inlet/damper on Defiant knockoff

    Hey guys, I have an 'olympic crest' woodstove (cast in Yugoslavia!), which seems to be a Vermont Castings Defiant knockoff. It doesn't look the best, but it burns great, and we're happy with it (it's in our rental home) It has an air inlet damper on the back, controlled by a pull wire sort of...
  6. T

    Old(er) Vermont Castings Defiant

    I've got an old VC Defiant and was wondering if someone could estimate its manufacturing year. The production plate around backside of it can't be deciphered except for the serial no. which is 01977 or 017393, it's very hard to read. Would appreciate any ideas on what year it was made and any...
  7. M

    Bought an Old VC Defiant

    Hello I am new to the forum, but decided to join recently. This is my first wood stove so I am out of my element. That being said any advice is appreciated. I recently bought an old Vermont Castings Defiant that was casted in late 1970's. Very beautiful stove; solid nickel handles, intricate...
  8. S

    Looking at VC Defiant....rear vent?

    I am looking at purchasing an old VC Defiant for a good price locally. It looks like it should fit in the fireplace and protrude out of the raised hearth maybe a foot or so (I have over 18" of space on the hearth). I am looking at installing the stove but maybe or may not be moving next summer...
  9. A

    Running a Vermont Cast Iron Defiant in non-catalytic form

    We bought a house with a Vermont Cast Iron Defiant installed...I'm guess its less than 6 or 7 years old at this point. I want to run in in non-catalytic converter form and my question is do I just take out the catalytic converter box and put the 2 ceramic covers back in place or do I leave...
  10. AppleRock

    Wood consumption and New Stove (vs fireplace)

    Long time lurker here. .....not another "which stove to buy" question, I promise. Rather WHAT to buy. Very happy Security BIS II owner since 1995. Now looking for (attractive) wood heater for our possible new log vacation home in NH. Was looking at RSF Opel2 or Napoleon 3000 for a while...
  11. R

    VC Defiant thermostat issues

    Recently, I purchased an old VC Defiant II parlor stove (wood stove). Apparently, someone had to install a new thermostat spring and put it on backwards - so when it heats up it opens the air flap - thus increasing the heat - thus opening the air flap more, etc. How do I remove the spring and...
  12. G

    Older Defiant

    I purchased a second hand Defiant, front and side load. I don't see an obvious place to add fire brick. The standard brick looks too large to fit anywhere. What am I missing, where does the fire brick go? Someone at a local stove shop said I don't need any? Help..... thanks in advance. Gary