A John Deere 110 and a log splitter-it's a beautiful thing!

Badfish740 Posted By Badfish740, Mar 3, 2009 at 8:11 PM

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  1. NoPaint

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Actually it seems like a splendid idea to make a vertical splitter trailer. Then you can install the pump up front and run hardline to the back with some sort of a quick disconnect fitting waiting there. Then just plug it up and run it. Similar to the way hydraulic snow plow blades work. I think that is actually the smartest way. The only issue will be permanently mounting the tank somewhere because I am guessing that you would need it to be on the tractor at all times or else the pump would run dry when you are just mowing. Also having the splitter on the back means no more smelling the stinky exhaust.
  2. dirttracker

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    Aug 22, 2008
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    You could make a mount for the tank and the pump to attach at the front mount points on the frame. Belt drive the pump from the PTO pulley with a spring loaded idler like used on the JD snow blower. When you're done with the splitter for a while, just remove the tank and pump from the tractor.

    By the way, surplus center has the ball bearing 16 gpm pumps for $135. I don't know if they are the Dynamic brand, or something else. My 2008 catalog lists them as Dynamic, but the description currently on the web site does not give a MFG name.
  3. Jags

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    Just taking a swag...you are looking at about a 1:4 ratio of weight out front, to weight in the back. 400 pounds out the front (at approx same distance as the one pictured) would need ~100 pounds at the back to compensate. Me thinks that you are going to end up with a difficult steering machine. 400 pounds on the front axle, even as sturdy as the old 110 is, is going to put a lot of strain on it.

    Couple that with the typical "forest" floor, and I think you may have problems. Even the snow throwers were FAR lighter than that.

    I think the idea is a really cool one though (for the record). Maybe with the proper engineering you can reduce the overall weight of the splitter. That would help things. Also, as was stated above, your not gonna want to put a side load on the typical 2 stage Haldex pumps. They just won't take it long term.

    I hope you stick with this project. I will be interested in the outcome and performance. :coolsmile: Pics please!!!

    If you have any more questions, fire away. You are into a build/design project that I am fairly well versed in.

    Edit: you will want to keep that splitter mounted as close to the front of the tractor as reasonable. Its the whole "leverage" thing, ya know.
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