Attic Insulation Cost

timfromohio Posted By timfromohio, Aug 6, 2008 at 5:34 PM

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  1. timfromohio

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    Aug 20, 2007
    OK guys, the second quote is in - here's the breakdown:

    $821 to add R-30 worth of blown-in fiberglass insulation, tapering down insulation depth by the two perimeter sides that have soffit vents

    $1043 to add R-38 worth, same deal with tapering

    $208 extra install cardboard soffit baffles (optional) - they would need to install from outside by removing soffits

    So, I could get the baffles and R-30 for about $1k, which is 1/2 the home depot price (they came in at an even $2k)
  2. Highbeam

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    Dec 28, 2006
    Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
    I got my quote today to get from an R-7 (3 inches of compressed fiberglass batts) to an R-38 with blown in fiberglass is 800$ for 1300SF. On the floor to get from R0 to R-19 is about 1000$ for the same 1300SF again with FG but batts down there. The company is 6-8 weeks out so apparently business is good in the insulation trade.
  3. Frostbit

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Northwest Arctic Alaska

    For the extra measley $200, and its all materials; no extra labor, I would go with the R-38 along with the baffles. $1251 is a great price.
  4. FatttFire

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    Feb 14, 2008
    Snowbelt, Ohio

    Call USA insulation, I called 6 different installers and they were all over the place, but USA was the most informative, and the cheapest! HD was the highest at over $4000 for cellulose to blown in my attic, I almost through the guy out the front window. :coolmad: I think they are high on purpose to take advantage of people who won't or don't know how to go somewhere else. USA highly recommended the blownin fiberglass b/c the new pink blown in is almost as high as an R value as the cellulose, and it doesn't burn, also, its not food for animals! Usa wanted $1300 to do my attic with 12" of Fiberglass, I opted to do it my self. I Bought all the pink blown in from home depot, they gave the machine to me for free, and my father loaded the machine, my brother carried the bags in and I crawled around in the attic. If I can find the pics I will post. In my four dormers, I blewn in 3+++ feet and in the main run I blew in 2 feet, I over estimated a little, but I thought I still beneifited with a total cost of $700 plus 2 hours of slave labor, and a steak dinner. Today it is one of the best "projects" I have done for the house. :coolsmile:

    Couldn't find my pictures so went and took some more! The first pic is the opening to my attic with the door open. If you look just above the trim molding, is the joist, above that is a wall I built all the way around the opening of the attic. The wall is 2 feet high, this way when I blew in the insulation I got 2 feet even up to the edge of the attic opening! :coolsmile:

    The second pic is from the top of the opening looking down my main attic run. Sorry but I am not going to walk down blindly to take pics of my dormers but they are 3+++ feet deep in there. Also I noticed and forgot all about is if you look close there is a string that runs from the top of my little opening wall all the way to my back wall that is 2 feet high, that way I could be consistant. Well it also works good later to see how much settling i have, I don't think it has settled at all!

    The thired pic is just the other side.

    Tim go for the insulation job, its one of the best things I have done!


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  5. tradergordo

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    May 31, 2006
    Phoenixville, PA
    This is, WHAT winter heating bill? :)
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