Best Low Clearance Pellet Stove for 30x30 garage

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Jan 23, 2024
Spokane, WA
Looking for some guidance for garage pellet stove. I've listed my parameters below. Would love some guidance.

  • Space: 30' x 30' with 10' ceilings.
  • Fans: Outlet for one ceiling fan
  • Insulation:
    • Walls & Ceilings insulated.
    • Floor is not. may put down foal fatique mats for insulation.
  • Doors
    • Two 10x10 insulated garage doors. These are old and could be
    • 1 insulated man door to the home
    • 1 insulated man door to the exterior
  • Chimney: Pre-existing 16" x 16" block chimney with clean-out. Needs to be resleeved which is why we are going pellet stove to run 4" pipe inside.
  1. Low clearance, ideally wall mount to preserve space.
  2. Large hopper to minimize refills.
  3. Remote ignition and thermostat.
  4. Ideally, controls that can be managed via Alexa or Kasa smart home apps. This will allow me to fire up on a schedule to have the space ready to work in.
  1. Bay 1: Parking wife's car.
  2. Bay 2: Shop/work area.
  3. Overall: Keep a fridge & two freezers in here as well as bulk dry goods.
I would check with your insurance company to see if they would allow or cover it first.
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Solid fuel burners are not allowed by code in garages in the usa. Which is especially dumb with pellet stoves but it's code
They are allowed in garages here, so long as they meet certain standards. Thanks again for prompting me to check!
Interesting I can't find anything indicating that is the us national mechanical code. And Washington state has adopted nfpa211 as it's fire code which states. In 13.2.4 that solid fuel burning appliances shall not be installed in any garage.

Clearly your city allows it according to that document. But your state doesn't seem to. Very odd.
I’ve read that some states will allow as long as it’s a certain distance off of the floor, cinder blocks etc