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    We have a Jamestown Baby Bear wood pellet stove. The exhaust is at the bottom rear of the stove. The first stovepipe fitting is a tee. The bottom end of the tee has a twist on cap for cleanout. The stovepipe is 3 inch double-walled twist together keyway stuff. It is extremely difficult to put together. The pressure and heavy twisting stress required to remove and replace the cap during cleaning moves the rest of the chimney parts and "loosens" all the joints and seals. Does anyone make a more user-friendly cleanout tee? The goal is to be able to easily unscrew, unsnap, or whatever, the cleanout cap so as not to upset the whole sysem (or mine). I envision a tee with a snap-clamp lid such as used on mason jars or food storage cannisters. We are building a fake chimney enclosure around our through the ceiling stovepipe. Wrestling with the cleanout tee through a small opening will be difficult or impossible. Hence the search for an easy-off cap.


    Use a short piece of pellet vent on the bottom of the tee, or a 90 elbow, and the put on the cap at the end of the extension. When cleaning time comes twist off the extension with cap termination as one piece. The extension acts a an ash container as well, and the 90 elbow can be directed to the easy access side of the appliance rear to make the vacuum hose insertion horizontal.

    Duravent now makes a tee with an adapter just like the one described above.
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