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    I am considering putting a Hitzer stove (model 50-93 ) in my basement. The pellet stove just isn't doing the job. My basement ceiling is insulated with no duct work,will I have to remove the insulation to heat the living area above ? & how can I be sure of having enough BTU'S ?


    Generally speaking, a radiant (freestanding) stove in the basement is not the best idea for heating the home. This is because the cold masonry floors and walls of most basements soak up some of the heat before it gets upstairs.

    If you are going to do it, you would be best removing some of the insulation and/or cutting some grates into the floor.
    https://www.hearth.com/calc/btucalc.html should help you gauge your needs. However, assume that a coal stove will produce a steady stream of about 30,000 BTU output. At least 1/3 (or more) of this will be lost into the basement.

    Link: BTU Calculator
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