Cobb Hill in Hartland, Vermont,

Eric Johnson Posted By Eric Johnson, Jan 14, 2008 at 7:38 PM

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    Anybody familiar with this place? I'm told they heat 19 single-family homes, three apartments and a community center with a big Garn. Apparently, part of the deal is that residents keep the thing fueled in shifts.
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    I went to Cobb Hill in 2005 for the Solar Homes Tour that year. It was a pretty neat place, something between a New England village, condo complex and commune. I got to see some of the solar DHW stuff but wasn't really paying attention to the wood boilers at that time. I'm sorry that I didn't. I think this is an annual host site during the tour which is always the first Saturday in October.

    When you have that kind of density, district heating works pretty well which is why is it big in Europe. It almost makes think about asking my neighbor if he wanted to go halfsies on one of those beasts.

    Kohler and Lewis from Keene NH designed the Cobb Hill system. As you might have seen on the GARN site, they feature a video from Bob Vila, (ugh!, cannot stand listening to that guy.), on site at Cobb Hill.

    Kohler & Lewis Garn link

    Cobb Hill Green Building link

    Bob Vila link
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