Coldest night so far. What are ya burning??

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What are all my pellet friends dumping into their hoppers? I just brought 2 bags of Somersets up from the basement for the night.

13::F outside, but -2 windchill now. Going down to about 6::F overnight, and probable wind chills in the minus teens or lower.

Stove is at's a cozy 70::F inside.

Dog found her spot in front of the stove about an hour ago. ;lol
13 degrees right now going down to 9 tonight. 120lbs of turman in the hopper and the harman is set to stove temp 4. Its a florida everglades like 86 degrees downstairs.
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I'm burnin' pellets! All the brands available around here are good, so it doesn't mater what I buy!

MWP soft are burning away right now. Nice and comfy 65 deg (comfy for me that is :)) on the first floor and rising. Stove is on stove temp/auto set around 5.
I thought about throwing in some Spruce Pointe but so far no need to.
Turmans with Cubex waiting on deck.

Stove is cruisin on heat level 3-3 hi/lo mode. Toasty 73ºF inside and a chilly 11ºF outside. But I really can't tell!
Same ole stuff, no need to change they work at least down to -12::F (coldest it has been the last two seasons). It is supposed to get down to -5 ::F according to but they haven't exactly been hitting well on their forecasts either what it is going to do or how warm or cold it is going to be. I'll believe my thermometer when I see it in the morning.

Currently 9.5::Fhere.
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Somersets in the hopper. It's a balmy 1.8 degrees outside. 68 inside. Might bump the furnace up to 4 as its supposed to be below zero again tonight.
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1 degree outside right now, and suppose to be -17 here tonight WITHOUT the windchill. Also going to be a high of -2 tomorrow!! Im burning somersets and its a nice 75 inside right now...
Mwp blend. Same pellets I have been burning since October. No need to switch. Supposed to be -4 and around -20 with wind chill here. But it also was supposed to snow today but didn't see a flake....
Running about a 60/40 mix corn and Indeck in the beast with the Quad on standby loaded with Somersets.

Last night was 1 degree here with windchill around -13 or so. Expecting about 8deg tonight but thankfully the wind is letting up some.
9 degrees right now in Cleveland NY, running Somersets. Going to be a nippy night
nice and toasty in here
Green Teams and I'm curing the paint still. 77 in and 9 outside

Coldest night so far.  What are ya burning??
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Hamers in the castile, tstat setting maxed (will never hit it)
Got my hamers rocking, was tempted to roll with green teams. If I did I'd have to burn hamers in march, screw that.. Burn something exotic tonight.
Running on high 74 degrees in the hizzouse.

May leave it on high overnight, with tstat jacked, probably burn a whole hopper overnight. If I do we should wake up to 70 degrees...

A 2 bag, 24 hour run...
Was -10 here last night. I've been burning Pro-Pellets. Forgot all about that ton of Somersets, back in the corner of the barn. To late to get them tonigh, but will for sure, first thing in the morning.
Wood fiber pellets with about 5 percent corn at about 3.3lbs an hour. -18 this AM with day high of 3. 72 in the basement 67 upstairs now.
Burning Instant Heats, on level 4 of 5. 13 degrees F here, going to 9 later. Stove is keeping us warm and happy.
Have my stove on stove temp feed rate 4 fan on low temp at 65 glass is at 413 degrees and out of the blower is 228 and its 18 out side and house is at 72 using gap's and burning a bag in 22 hours
Cubex in the hoppa, The only thing cold in my house is the beer in my hand! 71 and rising....11 outside. (I also shut the beast down for 45 min to clean a few hrs ago)
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Burning EasyBlaze. 12 degrees outside, 74 in my living room - stove is on level 3 with feed trim at 3. I might have to go to level 4 tonight!
Set's in the hopper.

Cherry & Ash in wood burner balmy 75::F inside 5::F outside
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