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    We're purchasing a home with a 15-year-old wood burning stove. The label calls it "Country Flame". what is the easiest way to determine if it has ever been subject to a recall (I did a quick search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission site and it wasn't obvious how to find recall info there). What is this brand's general safety record? Is "Country Flame" a manufacturer or model? Where can we contact the manufacturer for additional information.


    It is virtually unheard of that a woodstove would be recalled. Country Flame is actually a marketing company and has had stoves made for them by many shops and manufacturers. Of course- ANY 15 year old stove is behind the times in clean burning and efficiency. Have the stove and chimney checked by a certified chimney sweep.
    Country Flame can be reached at 417-466-7161

    Link: Country Flame Web Site
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