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    I recently bought a house that has a coal stove. I really don't understand how it works. There is a round dial on the left side of _the stove with numbers from 1-8. Does that control the amount of air that fuels the fire?


    Yes- you probably have a European Coal Stove which uses a thermobulb connected to a control knob. The dial opens the draft inlet (higher number is more open)- and then when the stove gets hot- the thermobulb closes and opens the inlet to even out the effect of the fire. You probably have an Efel- Surdiac or Franco-belge model stove. If so- they use a hopper feed- top loading system to burn the coal. make certain the stove and chimney are clean- and that you have some kind of directions before you attempt to start the fire.

    Check out our coaltips article as well as our article about hoper-fed coal stoves at the links below.

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