Dry Creek Super Premium Pellets

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Dec 1, 2015
Berks PA
This year we bought 2 tons of Dry Creek Super Premium Pellets after our supplier (Eastern PA Kutztown Agway) couldn't get our usual Country Boy pellets. HUGE disappointment! Our Enviro Mini "A" has never performed so poorly. On the days when it stays burning without intervention (about 50% of the time), the heat output is REAL WEAK (yes, the stove & chimney are clean & maintained). Many mornings, we wake up to a cold stove. Best I can figure, there are two reasons. One, the pellets don't feed like any other pellet we've used before. Two, the pellets burn relatively fast and inconsistently. And the ash quantity produced is ENORMOUS.

With the Country Boys, I'd have a full ash bin after maybe 25-30 bags? With these lemons, it's full after about 12-15.

Our stove has 5 heat settings, 1-5. The Country Boy pellets would run on 2, and bake us out of our gourds! The Dry Creeks require that we leave the stove on setting 4, & will not feed consistently from the hopper, and when they do, burn way too fast. Almost like they're made out of 50% paper! Their appearance is inconsistent as well; many individual pellets appear very light-colored. I suspect perhaps they used a lot of BARK in their production, but have no way of knowing for sure. A Country Boy pellet will firmly snap in half when broken with two hands; the Dry Creeks sort of softly bend before eventually breaking. That just don't seem right. Even the generic Agway pellets we've used in the past left us more satisfied than these clunkers.


I was wondering if any other members here have experienced this same thing with these same pellets. We cannot be the only one to regret this purchase. NEVER AGAIN.
Did they not have the agway branded pellets, those are hamers hot ones and a good pellet.
Did they not have the agway branded pellets, those are hamers hot ones and a good pellet.
Because we don't have the space to store 2 skids of pellets, and always prefer to buy them in full before season starts, we buy from the local Agway. They offer storage of any pellets you buy, allowing regular stops throughout the heating season, to pick up some of "your" stored pellets. They recommended these as a substitute; we agreed to buy & try them. So now we are stuck with them.

We've burned about 60% of our 2 tons so far. They DO heat, just not well.

Will we survive the winter? Of course. Will I buy these again, NOPE!
yeah I never buy a ton of pellets at a time before trying them first
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yeah I never buy a ton of pellets at a time before trying them first
Lol, ^^^THIS!

We've had great success with the Country Boy's, from this seller. Trusted them due to that experience. I guess ya gonna be burned at least once when ya gamble lol. They offer lower pricing when you pre-pay early season, and that's what we did. We dragged our feet buying pellets last year, and settled for these.

The Country boys kicked butt, boy I sure miss them! Made from waste oak flooring...
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