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Jun 27, 2016
Malvern pa
I am between the 3 models of enviro insert- Boston, Kodiak and Venice. Any reason to pay $700 more for the Boston model? Any input on one model over the others?

Also i was thinking of getting the1700 model but the guy at the store thinks that model is too big and recommended the1200 model- i figured bigger was better. Any reason togo with1200 if the1700 fits? It's going on a 2200 sf rancher.
Just Looking to subsidize my gas heat.

What you are paying for with the Boston or Venice models over the standard Kodiak is the cast iron trim. It is beautiful, but whether it's worth it or not is up to you. If the stove room is open to the rest of the house then I would get the 1700 for your area if the goal is full time wood heating. If it's just for nights and weekends then the 1200 would suffice.
I have the Boston 1700 (2 seasons) and have been happy with it. I'd spend money on going bigger with the 1700 before going pretty with the Boston. If both are in your budget win / win. You'll read lots of threads here with people saying you can always build a smaller fire in a bigger stove but not the other way around. Also check the size on the 1200 and whether that allows north south loading. I started with "seasoned" wood purchased in the fall when I installed the stove. NS was much more forgiving.
Ha, good one. Not a dumb question. N/S loading means that you can load the splits parallel to the sides of the stove. E/W loading means loading the splits parallel to the door. No insert is top-loading unless it's a pellet stove.
For 2200sf, definitely go with the larger model.
x2 on the bigger stove, 2200 sqft if its open somewhat, needs the 1700 series. Easy overnight burns will be realized as well. They will all burn the same, but the Boston's look is really nice. I have enjoyed the 1700 FS Kodiak for the past 7 seasons, the least expensive stove I've owned and the most satisfying burn-wise of any I've owned. Easy to run, very forgiving in terms of wood dryness (but always try for good dry wood, that is the key.) Good luck.
I think i am going to order online the Boston 1700. total price delivered is 2600 from fireplaces "r" us. (any experience?)
Fireplace measurements
Front width 36"
Height 29"
Depth 20.5"
Back of fireplace width 23"

see any issue with my fireplace handling?
Good choice. Don't post pictures of the final product. It's hard to get drool off the screen.
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Check this for dimensions.


Also make sure that the height in the back is sufficient. Mine was a tight squeeze and the dealer unsuccessfully tried to talk me down into the 1200. If you have the front clearances you can also keep it a little out so the surround isn't right up against the brick. I have about 1/2 gap and with the block off plate heat gushes out even when the fan is off. You don't notice the gap at all.

Good choice and good luck.
We've used our Kodiak 1700 for 6 years now and works great for our 2400sqft colonial home in central NH. I replaced the blower last year(unrepairable rattle from bent squirrel cages) and may replace the two fiberboards over tubes this year. I recommend cleaning blower a couple times a season especially if you have dogs.

Great choice. The Boston is one of the prettiest stoves available but it is at a price. Good luck with her.
I finally got my Boston Enviro installed (during a heat wave). I think it looks great cant wait to start using it.
For anyone looking -I purchased it online at www.fireplacesrus.net for $2,440 delivered.


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It's almost as good looking as my cape cod. Lol. Really nice. Good luck with it. I hope you got a lot of very dry wood. If you don't have dry wood don't even try to burn it. It will not burn well and it will be very frustrating, not mention unsafe.
It's almost as good looking as my cape cod. Lol. Really nice. Good luck with it. I hope you got a lot of very dry wood. If you don't have dry wood don't even try to burn it. It will not burn well and it will be very frustrating, not mention unsafe.

Not that I am in any way supporting burning wet wood or assuming that the OP has wet wood, but when I started with the Boston I bought wood in October and got the stove in November. I tried to pick through the wood I had the best I could, but the Boston was very forgiving. Not a lot of secondaries but primary burn was always pretty good if you give it enough air. My CSIA sweep who cleaned it after 2 cords was surprised how clean it was. But yes, definitely get good dry wood.
NGASN- I agree with you, the Enviro line of wood stoves are very forgiving with not seasoned enough wood. Everyone should always strive to get the best wood possible, but it is indeed the most forgiving stove I've owned, and that's been quite a few good ones. The funny thing is the Enviro is the least expensive wood stove I've had..... hoping to move up to a Boston 1700 soon....
NGASN- Don't think BG would be jealous- he is a PE guy through and through, and they do make a good stove ha. I am getting the Boston eventually, my 1700 is now 7 seasons old, still looks like new. I work at a hearth store and will get a good discount but me and the mrs are still working on our house- Redoing downstairs when we can, that's when the Boston will find its way here. Enjoy yours but not for a while summer is still nice here in new England. Take care.
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