Feedback about a kiln I’m going to build.

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New Member
Nov 23, 2022
New York
Hey everyone! Firing the old vc Montpelier here in NY! Hope everyone is having a nice warm start to the heating season!!

Looking for some feedback on a kiln of sorts, maybe more like a heated wood box lol, I’m gonna build. I’m not really skilled to it needs to stay pretty basic.

I have enough css seasoned wood for this winter. I have about two years worth of red oak that I css’d over the summer/fall, so I’m kind of just doing this for something to do to pass the time, will probably log some mc data once it gets working and if I can cut some time drying time off that oak that would be good too, although I can get through next year without the oak. The oak is 16”- 20” long, mostly 4” splits that the bark fell off when I split it green over this past summer.

I’m going to place the box in my enclosed porch, which is dry but not heated.

Basic design I have in mind to start with is to build a frame about 48” w x 48” h x 24” d using 2x4’s. Put a couple of 2x4’s width-wise 24” from the bottom for a shelf dividing the box in half. Next afix insulating board to plywood and attach to frame to enclose it, such that I can take the front board off to load the wood inside. Heat source would be light bulb(s) (not looking to use much electricity heating it).

I figure I could fit somewhat less that a qrtr cord in it. If it works I might scale it up in the future to have 4 compartments so I can put about a cord in it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!


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Staff member
Aug 2, 2006
Northern IL
You need some sort of intake/exhaust. Dry air in and wet air out. I also think you will be burning lots of zoomies (watts) to make any kind of a significant temp change


Burning Hunk
Feb 12, 2012
MN Twin Cities
I think that design won't have any kiln effect on your wood. Just let it air dry with ventilation and you'll be fine. A light bulb in a ventilated box will do next to nothing.


Burning Hunk
Aug 31, 2016
North Carolina
I made an incubator out of a gutted refrigerator. I took the divider out from inbetween the fridge and freezer, and used spray foam to fill the gap between the top and bottom doors. There was a box fan on low sitting where the crisper drawers were blowing up. Air returned to the bottom through a false wall built into the back of the fridge about an inch off the real back wall.
The heat was generated from two lightbulbs hooked to a thermostat to keep it at around 98 if I remember correctly. It kept it within 2 degrees above and below the set temp. The light would cycle about one minute on and five minutes off once it was up to temp. My goal was to keep a high humidity level, so I had water to evaporate in a bowl. You would need to allow some draft to keep it dry.
It would hatch about 400 out of 500 quail eggs consistently. It worked pretty good.
I would defiantly have a thermostat. A 100 watt light bulb gets pretty hot in an enclosed space.


Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2017
Woolwich nj
In order for it to be a kiln it need to get warm.. really warm to dry and have air circulation.. fresh air in and moisture laden air out.. really warm air will be able to carry more moisture and as the warm air heats the dew point drops.. You have not created any of this and it will not work.. Your using electricity to heat the inside of the box.. look up the thread in my signature.. try something that works.. without using any energy..