Q&A Gasket for Fireplace Glass Doors?

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    The problem I am trying to solve is that I have a fireplace with folding glass doors set in steel frames. They leak air all around the perimeter. (I am more concerned about the leakage when the fireplace is *not* in use than when it is.) I need something that is like the self-adhesive black foam weather-stripping that one might use on regular doors and windows, but which can withstand an estimated maximum of 500 or 600 degrees Celsius temperature. A requirement is that one side must be adhesive (or capable of being cemented), while the other side must not adhere through the range of temperature so that the door can be opened hot or cold. It would also be great if, like the regular foam weather-stripping, this were slightly compressible. The gap is not large, but varies from about 1/32 to 1/16 inch. It would be awkward to install rope gasket because there is no groove for it, but that is my "fall back" strategy if I can't find any of the flat self-adhesive kind. It has to be out there somewhere!


    Keep in mind that the self-adhesive stuff is mostly for being able to install and seat the gasket, and that the adhesive may not be designed to hold up under constant heat. Most stove and fireplace shops sell this gasket for installing around the glass windows in stove doors. However, most installers use plain fiberglass insulation (with the paper off) to install as a seal between fireplace glass doors and the fireplace. This will hold up well to the lower temperatures found in this area. It does not need to be attached by cement or other means as the pressure of the frame against the fireplace front is sufficient to hold it in place. Some fireplace shops also sell fiberglass in a roll designed to seal fireplace inserts or glass doors. You might also be able to get fiberglass rolls as part of a "pipe wrap kit" (to keep water pipes from freezing) in a hardware store.
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