Glass doors for Vigilant?


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Dec 23, 2019
New York
Hi all, and forgive a naive first question, as I'm new to wood burning stoves overall, this one came with the house, which we just moved into. I'm looking for any kind of noob info to the art and science.

But I also have a more specific question, about putting in glass panels to this 1977-stamped Vigilant. I see it's been asked before, and that is a resource for the glass. But how would one go about installing it, in the greater New York area? I'm handy in general but this is a whole new world to me and I likely lack the skills and tools necessary. TIA for any help -- and what an amazing resource this forum is.


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Dec 23, 2019
New York
Thanks much — I should clarify, it’s not replacing the glass in the doors, it’s replacing the doors themselves with doors that have glass panels in them.


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My bad. You will have to refer to the manuals for the stove model you have.
If the doors with glass weren't an option for that model, then it's probably not
advisable to change them out. The stove wasn't tested with them...
Your call, tho. If the hinge pins are in the same location for both styles,
the change over is as simple as lifting one door off & putting the other door on.

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Jul 17, 2015
Those old Vigilant Parlor Stoves had glass door options that were mainly meant for when the stove was converted for coal burning. Coal fired stoves gave you a view of the fire. Whenever I used to deal with user's who wanted to swap their doors to glass when burning wood I would warn them that since the doors were not airwashed, the doors would typically blacken up within the span of a day or two of burning.
Tended to be throwing good money after bad in those cases. Not so bad for occasional burners, but people who wanted to heat with their stove often ended up being pretty disappointed.
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Nov 17, 2020
Smithtown NY
Hi there. We’re you able to replace your doors with glass doors? I am attempting this now and ordered some, but the left door does not sit flush. Trying to figure out if it’s my stove or the door and would love to know if you had any success. Thanks!