Help needed with DIY solar kiln control (FAN, etc) for drying wood


Oct 12, 2017
This is a fascinating thread. I also built a small (8'x16'x7') solar kiln, but I can't seem to find any pictures of it, even though I swear I took some.

I haven't been very scientific with mine this year, as I was late and rushed getting it built and filled around late August. I actually didn't fully fill it as the majority of the wood I have currently is random lengths and split sizes, so I was worried about it rubbing on the plastic. I'm probably going to empty it out in January, reinforce/protect the sides a little better and load it to the brim with material I cut to consistent size myself.

Mine has a temperature/humidity sensor that integrates with my HomeKit setup, but it was well into October by the time I got it installed, and the peak heat was long gone. I think the highest I ever saw it was in the low hundreds. It's not in the perfect sunlight as currently there's a tree blocking the late afternoon sun, which I will be dealing with later this winter when the ground freezes.

I'm really curious how it performs under the Michigan summer sun.