Hitting this winters wood piles

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Minister of Fire
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
Well I guess it's time, I have been burning up various small pieces and piles of late but its time to go attack my nice neatly stacked and covered wood piles. Its always a bit of transition when I do so even though that is why they are there. I still will be using the minisplit a lot but night time temps are now getting to the point where I need overnight burns. My wood boiler is down waiting for some repiping so I am going old school with my good old Defiant and heating the basement, the main floor and half a second floor. I expect I will make a move to deal with the wood boiler piping this weekend when the weather will not be great.
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What is the species of choice to start with out of the pile?
A mix of 2 year old, beech, white birch and maple. A wood stove owner would complain that is split too small but my wood boiler like its that way. It still burns in the wood stove but not great for all night burns.
Time here too. I dug into the half cord porch rack and loaded the stove side woodbox for the first time today. Had a few small fires to cook and break a chill but am running it steady today for the first time. It‘s been kind of nice when the house is heated but rack is still topped off. Opened up the 2nd floor to warm up for family to stay later this week. The house has warmed nicely with both mini split and cookstove running.
I've been burning some pine and the pieced of Ash from a Dead Standing that have punky edges. Just pulled the last from that pile.. Will be moving on to the better splits of Ash from those dead standing trees (Damn Borer beetle). Have a nice stack of Slab wood from a local sawmill that I CSS last winter. They are a real mix of woods, Oak, Maple, Birch etc and you don't know when they were originally cut off of the log, so holding those for as long as I can to give them more drying time. I might not even get to that this year, but you never know.
It’s hovering around freezing here the last week. I had a 5x10 trailer full of ash that was the last of the wood I had processed. Laying on an old pool tarp in the field covered with a bale tarp.
Not the best wood. I’m starting the boiler with some dry stuff and throwing the ash in for the second load….may have to take it back and pile in the woodshed for next season. I doubt I’m getting a lot of heat off it.
Yeah I've been relocating wood from deep storage closer to the house and into the basement. All 3 year old bone dry red maple/red oak. We've been splurging on fires the last week. Heat pump is more than capable but wife and kids weren't happy with 63 in the house lol. Hey we have the wood why not. Toasty 71 in here now.