Hot/burning smell persisting on new BK Ashford

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Oct 20, 2018
Hi there. We've been running the BK Ashford for a couple of months and it still smells when it gets warmed up and into the middle of the active range on the catalytic thermometer.

How long should this continue? I've probably gotten it as hot as it's going to get, and would think all the paint has cured by now.

It smells identical (in my mind) to the paint curing smell-- quite an acrid odor across the house. Of course, my Jotul f400 stopped having that smell after several burns, but the Ashford is continuing to exhibit it.

The stove runs well, the door and bypass gaskets pass inspection, and my draft is good-- 16 feet vertical exiting at the peak of the house.

Unsure what else to check at this point. Thanks in advance


Minister of Fire
Feb 21, 2011
Each time you get the stove hotter and hotter it will continue to cure. Often as you get more comfortable with a stoves performance you will tend to crank it up a bit more, hence further curing. My advice, turn it up on high with a full load, let her eat and get it over with.