I didn't know there was a "Troybuilt" Chainsaw, but I saw one

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Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
West Michigan
For sale locally. Looks like a real hunk of cheap Chinese garbage.


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Staff member
Dec 2, 2008
Wherever we're parked
They WERE a good US company up until the late 90s.
Manufactured in my home town of Troy, NY, at a company
called Garden Way Manufacturing.
Made roto-tillers, lawnmowers & snowblowers & other
yard equipment.
Sold out to MTD in Cleveland 2001...
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Feeling the Heat
Aug 8, 2017
The Chinese will put brand names on any junk. You can dress up with Troy Built coveralls, boots, gloves, a troy built hat and head out in your Troy Built quad with your Troy built chainsaw. Did I mention the Troy Built logging helmet and chaps? I don’t use the helmet as it came in from Amazon with a crack on top, but the price was real good.


Minister of Fire
Dec 12, 2015
Long Island, NY
People don't realize how few manufacturers of things there are.

A guy will argue, sometimes passionately, that his brand is better than the other brand. Meanwhile neither brand is a manufacturer, neither one has ever made anything except marketing, and the tool he is arguing for and the one he's arguing against both rolled off the same assembly line in the same factory....

Super common, but still ridiculous. Super ridiculous these days when everyone has a web browser in their pocket.

If you see "Manufactured For" or "Distributed By" on your package, go ahead and google the company before telling anyone they make good widgets, because they didn't make your widget, and the next one you buy from that brand may be from a completely different manufacturer even if the packaging is the same.