I thought its called gasification not a SMOKIFICATION

infinitymike Posted By infinitymike, Dec 14, 2011 at 12:53 AM

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  1. muncybob

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    Indeed it was the 1st season. The small pins that held it on the hinge would come off and the plate would fall into the box. I fixed that easy enough, but before I did I took it off completely for a couple of burns and learned quickly how I needed it in place until I get a smoke hood.
    Now into our 3rd season we know when to load and can tell by the stack temps how the burn is doing w/o opening the door and have actually become comfortable with the shield. But we still plan to install the hood next year...may have this year but a splitter purchase and construction of the wood shed took all our $$ and I doubt Santa is bringing us one :(
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