Ideal 210

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Jan 5, 2023
My wife was showing me a Woodstock ideal 210 .. with options for soapstone sides and I believe top also.. .. We want to be able to use to cook a little on top also....I may be wrong, but not to keen on using cast iron on soapstone top ....I was looking more into something like a Drolet Heritage,,, Heritage has 3/16 chassis with a 5/16 top....... Can't find any steel thickness info on the Ideal.....1800 sq ft... single modular home...Avg low winter in mid to upper 20's.........Penny 4 y'all's thoughts...
The Ideal Steel's stove top is metal.
The Ideal Steel's stove top is metal.
Thanks for the info begreen... I've been looking as well on the pros & cons of all steel stoves and soapstone stoves.. Something with a total flat top to cook on.. ..I know the soapstone will extend burn time but if I can get 8 hrs on steel I'd be ok as it would heat up quicker.. My thinking as well is the steel would expell more heat for warmth instead of having to heat up the stone and btu going up the flue..... And not particularly keen on replacing a catalyst every few years...If I can get my wifes thumbs up on one I'll be even more comfortable...