if pellet smokers can do this with WiFi then why not wood pellet heating Stoves?


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Feb 1, 2010
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The new GMG grills not only have local mode but server mode using WiFi on the smartphone app,
Due to FCC regulations you cannot start a wood pellet grill remotely. Only locally, that is why blue tooth is used for many such apps. This new GMG Daniel Boone DBWFSS model grill has a local mode to start the grill and a server mode to monitor the temps if you go out on an errand when smoking an 8 hour brisket!
In server mode you cannot start the grill and potentially burn the house down if it is next to a combustible material and of course you ca not see it! Great philosophy, don’t junk your car if a small knob is broken?
So lockout the starting of the stove but be able to see and control the temperature! Good engineering!
By the same token if you can manually turn on your pellet stove and go on an errand then why not with your phone in the same manner??

Side Note:
All the pellet grills are going Direct Drive to keep temps constant! This means starting and stopping fans and auger motors a lot! The new Brushless DC motors are perfect for that! AC motors would kill the semiconductors especially the triacs! These grills can also be plugged into the car cigarette lighter or used on a boat! So they are just as good as the new Thelin Pellet Stoves (2010 and newer) with brushless motors and last a long time! Also having a surge protector on a DC stove is far from a critical much needed device for an AC stove!
The older Thelin brush type motors did need more servicing!

Any comments?

Pic 1 - Server Mode - Allows you to see the temps of your grill remotely but not turn the stove on. :)
Pic 2 - Pellet Grill is smoking hot!
Pic 3 - Thelin Parlour



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Dec 19, 2009
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