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Aug 31, 2016
North Carolina
I’ve been interested in a little 602 for the building, and to toss in the truck for the wall tent when we head off on our elk hunts.
After looking around I decided I like the look of the older ones with the round intake on the front, and I started shopping. I ran across this one for $250. Other than some light rust and one chipped leg, it looks pretty good. It’s solid and feels sturdy.
The baffles still look mostly new to me. The inside walls have minor rust, but there is plenty of clean metal that looks like it’s never really been fired much.

So any idea on age? I think it’s a CB, but there is no tag whatsoever,

Secondly, should re-cement the joints and do a gasket on the door, or let her eat?

We could also go electrolysis and fresh black, but it isn’t for inside the house. If it goes elk hunting, that’s a rough ride from NC to the Co mountains every year.

Oh, did I say it was only $250?

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Looks like a steal! I think I wouldn’t worry about sealing if it’s going to be transported in a truck every year. I don’t see how the seals would hold up.
Yeah. We are getting older and softer. My brother bought a big wall tent with a 5” stove jack. This will be our first year with that contraption. We are used to a normal 3 season tent for base camp and floorless TPs for the nights up top.

A little heat might be nice some nights if we come down.

Anyone ever tried replacing the cement with flat widow gasket? My VC Aspen is all rope gaskets.

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It's a shame that people don't show greater respect for things. The stove doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it other than neglect. Wire brush it down, clean off the rust, and paint with a high temp paint. Then replace the door gasket. You'll have a fine little heater to warm the cabin.

Gaskets are not interchangeable with cemented seams. There is different construction each design.
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I’ve been reading about adding a back burn plate. I have a few ideas I’m working out in my head for that.
So its a late 70s vintage model 602, not a CB. The CBs had glass doors.

Really you will get out what your willing to put into it for what you need it for. If its just going in a camp then angle grinder with a wire knot wheel on the outside and a few coats of Stove Bright Satin Black. Replace the door gasket with factory correct gasket and call it a day.

As fas as the leg goes, they dont make those anymore so you would need to find a parts stove with one. Or I most likely have a beat up green enamel 602 leg that I could sell you if needed.
I’m not sure how far from the truck your tent is set up, but I don’t like carrying weight as much as I used to in a backpack.
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Yeah much easier (lighter) tent stoves, but that being said that is a nice little stove that looks like it really just needs a clean and maybe paint. $250 is a good price if there are no cracks.
Ha. That wall tent is no joke either. It’s probably 300pounds of waxed canvas and metal poles.
A little bit of wire wheel, and a bit of paint. Might be a few dark spots yet. I didn’t wait for it to dry 100%. Goes on a glossy, dries flat black with a hint of gray. I buffed the burner, but left it unpainted. Didn’t really see the point.
No Milwaukies we’re harmed in the making of this post.


Wire wheel above. Then paint below.

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Just getting back from Colorado. The little 602 did pretty good in single digit temps. Just a 45 minute burn time with the deadfall pine and the vent all the way open.

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Jotul 602

Jotul 602
Yes. Slow start to the season. We finally got a little snow then found the elk as we were winding down.
Just getting back from Colorado. The little 602 did pretty good in single digit temps. Just a 45 minute burn time with the deadfall pine and the vent all the way open.
It shouldn't need the vent all the way open with dry wood, especially dry pine. That will send a lot of heat up the flue. Once our 602 gets cranking the air control is just open a hair and never more than 1/8". More and it will overfire and may crack the unshielded back of the stove.
No meter on the trip, but that wood was light and dry. No sticky hands. It was however a whole tree we cut and split, but the chips from the saw were dry and the wood split with no sap. It had a good knock and feel to it. The limbs had kept the tree a couple feet off the ground. I’m not saying it was bone dry, we had to cut and split it, but it wasn’t bad wood at all.

9,000ft with a 10’stack.

I've never had good luck with campfires there. You have to feed a lot of fuel to an open fire to keep it going. It’s doable, just not as easy as it is at home burning downed limbs after a storm at 600’ above the sea.

I know the pic doesn’t help much, but it’s a nice little pile that ended up being two rows deep by the time we got done.


Jotul 602
Yes, 10 ft is short for high altitude. We have this stove on a 12' chimney, but a 250' elevation. It will take off like a rocket if not watched and the air turned down almost all the way.