Jotul Firelight 12 / F600 Rear Heat Shield

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New Member
Oct 9, 2021
Northern California

New member here, and new new to wood stoves. I've just built my hearth, and set my 1995 Firelight 12 in place. Realized I need a rear heat shield in order to have the clearance I've designed my hearth for. I can't seem to find a rear heat shield part for the F12 anywhere on the interweb...only one for the F600.

These 2 models dimensions look identical from the outside (according to the user manuals). My F12 has 4 bolts on the back which look like they're intended for a heat shield.

Can anyone confirm that the F600 heat shield fits on the F12? Or could someone possibly reply with the dimensions/spacing of the 4 bolts which mount the heat shield?



Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Labradorcountry just posted about his F600. Hopefully he will see this thread.