Just got the New Blaze King Princes Insert, Need help with stove flue installation please

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Oct 23, 2011
Long Island NY
I have an issue with the flue fitment of the new BK. The new stove is ~4†shorter than my previous one, it also has a slanted back while the last stove had a flat back (the part that goes inside the fireplace. I have a 6†titanium SS flex pipe from the top of the chimney to the bottom, and then I have a 45° elbow adapter. The female part connects to the liner via a ring clamp, and at the other end the male is connected to the inside of the 6†stove flue.

Is there another type of adapter I can use? If someone can show me a picture of how its done on their stove it would be great.

Thanks in advanced.
Are you looking for a clamp of sorts on the stove collar too? What's your concern with hooking that male end into the stove? Not wanting to fit in?

Yes a few inches too short, also the elbow male part is too loose, and there is no stop ring in the stove. The previous stove was a Quadrafire 3100i insert and had a flat back and was a few inches taller. The BK insert has a slanted back (where the flue collar is) and is a few inches shorter.

I have two problems, the 45° elbow is too short, and also the angle is a little off. Does someone make an angle adjustable elbow like the rigid tin pipe at HD? I would probably need that and a small extension adapter.


Off-Set Box

stainless steel fireplace insert offset box adapter

This two piece adapter / off-set box is designed to allow you to adjust the insert front and back from inside the firebox. The offset amount is 0" to 6". The adaptors top outlet receives 6" or 8" (I. D.) liner. The bottom collar fits inside the outlet on the wood insert.

The 6" offset box measures 2 ½" tall x 8" wide x 14" long and and has an offset adjustment range from 0 to 6".


That is for inserts, is that what you are looking for?
Hi BKInsert. Congrats on the stove. Figure out what brand of liner you have and try to order a different elbow/appliance adapter for it. Though I do not like them, some liner brands do have adjustable clamp on elbows which may help. I don't think an offset box will work or help with your stove.

If the adapter is fitting too loose either crimping it more or hammering some crimp out may help tighten it up. The ones I use fit rather snugly. Depends on the liner brand I guess.
We just did a Princess insert with a liner today, we were able to just use a straight connector on it, and it fit really tight. I haven't seen a fitting that was too loose yet, are there any markings on it? The offset box definitely won't work for this application. I have extended liners before, if you can get a coupler and a short piece of flex, depending which is easier, push it up or pull it down and trim to fit. Just make sure you don't end up with the coupler right in the top clamp.
Too bad.

Here are some pictures, finaly...


I need to figure out why can not find the link to the images in photobacket...


The liner I have is "HomeSaver Ultra Pro" it seems to be exact same diameter as the stove flue collar, it won't fit in it (I have a spare piece of the liner left that I tried to use). On the other hand the 90° solid elbow I have is too lose inside the stove collar! Is this OK or does it need to be tight?


How about this adjustable elbow?


Its getting cold, the house is at ~62°...
Looks like the liner needs to be extended. It's hard to see without a side view, but perhaps a 30 deg elbow would better match the stove connection angle?
Yes its hard to see but its tilted up a bit, I can force it to bend, somewhat flexible, but I am short a few inches.

BeGreen said:
Looks like the liner needs to be extended. It's hard to see without a side view, but perhaps a 30 deg elbow would better match the stove connection angle?
Finlay got the time today to stop by a chimney place, I bought a 90° adjustable elbow (can set angle anywhere from o° to 90°), and a stove adapter to get the few more inches I needed. The fit is perfect now, I am really Happy with the way it came out.

I have a question,

I just started the first fire in the brand new stove, it really stinks... Its been burning for 3 hours now and I set it to low (gradually, I followed the instructions) with the fan at low. I went outside to check for smoke and I was surprised to see smoke coming out??? The cat was glowing red so I expected to see no smoke, is this typical?

What you are seeing is most likely steam. Water vapor is about the only thing that can make it through the cat. I'm glad you got it hooked up.
That would be really amazing if the stove would not smoke with no or minimal flames, my QuadraFire had to had the flames to burn clean, it was a non cat.

First fire observation - I loaded her up at ~ 11:pM (loosely loaded) and when I left the house next morning at 10:AM there was still many LARGE coals left, I was really happy to see that, to be honest i wasn't sure what to expect... but when I got home at 7PM, there was still a blazing fire going!

Just kidding... The stove was still surprisingly warm though, there where no coals to be found. I did not expect the stove to be warm after 20 hours, and it lighted right up. The setting by the way was one notch before "LOW". I have a feeling that I might only need to load her twice a day (the QUadraFire needed 3), once in the morning at 6am, and then my wife would need to load her when she returns from work at ~ 4pm. I hope there would be enough coals to start a fire fast.
BKInsert said:
Finlay got the time today to stop by a chimney place, I bought a 90° adjustable elbow (can set angle anywhere from o° to 90°),

Watch out on those adjustable 90s. Make sure your liner was was not putting any stress on it. Pay attention at cleaning time as they can open up. In a perfect world I would remove the fitting in exactly the position it works for you and have a sheet metal shop build you one with welded joints to match the angle. Just my 2 cents. :)

Enjoy your new stove/insert.
Thanks for the advice, I would seriously consider it! I won't be able to sleep now...
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