Last Wood Stacked

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PA Fire Bug

Feeling the Heat
Jan 13, 2010
Blair County, PA
Yesterday, I stacked the last wood that I hauled last winter. I had taken several weeks off this summer due to gardening, the heat, and summer activities. It is strange to not have any wood to split. I staggered the rows to block the wind while allowing space for me to walk behind our playhouse/shed. I stacked three rows on each pallet to save space and improve stability. I have two other stacks to pull from before this wood will be needed.

I am blessed with a surplus of wood right now. I have more wood cut and have spotted several downed trees. I have to wait until the neighboring farm harvests the corn to get access to the wood. That will be a good job for fall or winter.

20210724_144140.jpg 20210724_144223.jpg


Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
What a beautiful neat wood pile you have there...Wait until the weather and air is more accommodating for you to work but it looks pretty darn good to see all that wood stacked and ready for wintertime...Yes...clancey


Dec 26, 2017
Rice County MN
Oh, that's pretty!


Burning Hunk
May 4, 2018
Heart of NC
Good feeling for sure. Nice looking stacks, corn crop, and landscape.


Minister of Fire
Dec 16, 2015
New Hampshire
I'm jealous, I've got about 5 cords to split and stack if I want to stay 3-4 years ahead. It's just been so hot and wet up here this summer.

Bad LP

Minister of Fire
Nov 28, 2014
Northern Maine
My wood is ordered but gotta move the seasoned from the wood shed to the wood room then restart the shed.
Have some clearing and chipping to do but not in this heat. Not happening.