Log length - how did you find your source?

Creek-Chub Posted By Creek-Chub, Feb 14, 2009 at 3:09 PM

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  1. Creek-Chub

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    Nov 13, 2007
    Niles, MI
    The title pretty much covers it. I see lots of guys on here who buy they wood in log length, and then process it on their own. This is our first year with the 30-NC, and I've run somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 cords through it so far. It has been a mix of slab wood, scrounged wood, and a cord of oak I paid to have delivered. I would be tickled pink if I could locate a source for log loads that I could just buck split, and be done with - as opposed to dealing with the slab wood and the pain of scrounging.

    That said, it's not the sort of thing you really see advertised anywhere. How did you guys go about tracking down your source? Was it word of mouth, lumber mills, what? Thanks in advance.
  2. LLigetfa

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    Nov 9, 2008
    NW Ontario
    I work in the forest products industry so I just asked our truck scalers who has a grapple truck. There are only 3 here that I know of and since their bread and butter is to supply wood to the mills, getting someone to deliver you firewood requires patience. I put in my order for Black Ash last December and am still waiting. Around here, the firewood cutters don't haul and the grapple haulers don't cut so getting a hauler with a source of firewood is the challenge.

    If you are in an area with new housing developments that are being cleared, then that would be another possible source. Again the truck scales would be a good place to ask.
  3. Jamess67

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Central Illinois
    My city street dept is in charge of tree maint in the city. The City allows us to come in during business hours and help ourselves to what ever is there. I scrounged a trailer full of black walnut last week. When It warms up Im sure that Ill have more wood than I have room to store it. On the plus side if they are taking down a tree close by they will drop whatever I want in the driveway. Its easier to make the mess at their yard though.
  4. Duetech

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    Sep 15, 2008
    S/W MI
    Hi Creek-chub...I found this guy through craigslist he's in N Mich sale-923472657@craigslist.org (269) 838-0794 PostingID: 923472657. I spoke to him this morning and got a quote from him but he can't deliver on 2nd class roads right now because of weight restrictions but he can probably get at it again in a couple months.
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