Looking to purchase a Jotul GF500 Portland , Lopi Greenfield/Birkshire, or Regency Hampton H35E gas stove

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Sep 29, 2020
Troy, MI
Looking to purchase a Jotul GF500 Portland, Lopi Greenfield or Berkshire or Regency Hampton H35E any recommendations or pro/con. Currently have a Vermont Casting Radiance that needs replaced due to Honeywell valve that is not available. Currently leaning toward the Lopi Berkshire MV. I know this unit has less BTU's than our Radiance but this is not our primary heat source and we rarely ran the VC at full. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I work on all of them and think they are all nice stoves. I would lean towards MV whichever route you choose. Im a Jotul fan. But that Regency probably comes with the best warranty.
We and our renter don't have any major complaints about the lopi berkshire in our basement apartment. It would be nice if one of these companies would implement bluetooth controls from a phone though. Ive got a link in my signature to our setup but its nothing ground breaking. We didn't really look at any other models because this is what our local installer sold and it looked good. Also buying from a local company was nice although I'm not sure if the manufacturing for this model is done at the local facility or even in the US.
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