Need quick feedback on ComfortBilt pellet stove

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New Member
Feb 16, 2021
Hey everyone, lurked here in the past based on suggestions from another forum and i'm back with an urgent question as i become a pellet stove owner.

I just built and dried in a 16x32 cabin in northern Wisconsin. The cabin has 10' walls on the first floor and has a loft on one end that's 16' wide and 10' deep. It's a gambrel roof so from floor to peak inside it's around 18' tall. Everything is wide open except for the 10x10 bedroom and the 10x6 bathroom which is below the loft.

I chose to go with the ComfortBilt HP50 model which should be more than adequate for the cabin. The cabin footprint is small and with the help of a ceiling fan over the living area, should be able to circulate that are pretty well. Anyways, ComfortBilt just called me and said the color HP50 model i ordered is out of stock for 10-12 weeks. They offered me one of the other 2 colors they have in stock as well as paint in case i want to paint the 2 side panels myself (wanted all grey but they only have burgundy and white in stock). The other option they gave me was to instead go with the HP21 model at no extra cost.

There appears to be 3 differences aside from looks.
-The HP50 has a 7lb larger hopper.
-The HP21 is slightly bigger footprint (not a deal breaker)
-The max BTU output for both units is almost identical, however the HP50 can down about 5k BTU lower than the HP21

That last bullet point is the reason i chose the HP50 initially. My thought process was that since my cabin footprint is only 550'ish sq. ft. or 1100'ish sq. ft. of airspace assuming a normal 2 story cabin with 8' walls....that since the stove claims 2400 sq. ft. and it constantly burns, that it would burn cooler when at the lowest temp. Basically if i put it at it's lowest setting it wouldn't cook us out of the place like the HP21 possibly could.

I need to call ComfortBilt back this morning and let them know what i want to do. Is my rationale of why i choose the HP50 accurate and i should sacrifice the color or potential paint project (which i'm comfortable doing) and stay with it, or are there better reasons to go with the HP21 at no extra cost?



Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Is the colour that important?
That being said I would take the hp21
It has a little more output which you may need on very cold days !
If it is overheating the cabin you can turn the stove off or open a
window. The hp21 is also rated a little more efficient
But it comes down to you what do you want
A more expensive stove for the same price in the colour you want
or the stove you want in the wrong colour


New Member
Feb 16, 2021
The color isn't super duper important to me, a little more so to my wife. But regardless, i'm comfortable painting it if we can't live with it.

I should have noted that ComfortBilt said they recently recertified the HP50 and it's now 801% efficiency!


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Feb 7, 2010
S.E. Michigan