Northern Max vs Vermont

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Jan 24, 2016
Western MA
I have burned Vermont Wood pellets for years, but they were tougher to get this year. I did get my hands on two ton, but when I returned last week for my third ton, I was out of luck. I ended up taking home some Northern Max (Lauzon) instead.

The folks at the dealer said while they're the 2nd best pellet they carry, they aren't in the same league as the Vermonts. Apart from being hard vs soft wood, ash and BTU ratings look similar to me. I also didn't want to tow the car hauler 3 hours back and forth for no reason.

Anyone have any luck with these recently? All the posts I'm seeing are from years ago and they seemed solid then. I'm burning them with a Quadrafire 1200i which has limited space for ash to build up, so I try to stick with pellets that won't make me have to clean the thing every other day.
I tend to like Lauzon pellets if I can get them at a good price. However, the only time that happens is CL offerings so I don't get to burn them often. I actually have a bout 1/2 ton in my basement from a score last year and both of my stoves like them.
I've burned about half a ton of these now and I'm impressed. They do generate more ash than the Vermonts, but are still much better than the average pellet. Heat output is excellent - they seem to burn a little hotter than the Vermonts but I will use my contactless thermometer to confirm that.

The striking thing about them is how clean the bags are. No dust or fines to speak of, even after the bags went through a lot of handling. I think this is because the pellets themselves are all on the longer side. My stove is fine with that - never had a jammed auger or anything.