Pics of 1 cord of wood in pile please

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Nov 22, 2022

Found a landscaping company that's been in business for 30 years. Pretty legitimate site with some large projects and good looking work . His daughter posted on marketplace and I called the guy. Sounds like an honest man, but I've never bought a cord before so wanted to get some pics of what it looks like when dumped in a pile.

Someone must have a pic of 1 cord in a pile?

He will deliver tomorrow afternoon.
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The only way to know for sure is to stack it...1 cord equals 128 sq ft...or 4' high, 4' wide, and 8' long. Think of a pile of plywood 4' tall. You can stack it in any width/height/length you want, just so it equals 128 sq ft when done (or more ;))
A cone shaped pile that is 5' tall and 12' across at the base would equal ~188 sq ft, then when neatly stacked that should end up at about 1 cord.
If they show up with a pickup bed full, that is not a would be more like 1/2 cord...the only way a cord will fit on a pickup truck is if it has 8' bed, sideboards, is stacked, and about level with the top of the cab...which means it will probably be a 3/4 or 1 ton truck to be able to handle that weight. If they show up with a 8' pickup with the bed thrown full, no sideboards, towing a 5x8' trailer with wood tossed in to about 2' deep, that might come close to a cord total.
If they show up with a dump truck and the wood is just thrown in, but the bed has sideboards, and the bed is full to the top, that may equal a cord once stacked, maybe.
Its exceedingly rare to find someone that delivers dry wood (actually dry, not just "seasoned"...whatever that is supposed to mean...I season my dinner, not my firewood) in the quantity that is claimed, and of the quality (species) claimed...if these people do, keep their number!
Do you have a moisture meter? If so ask to check a couple pieces that you randomly select off the truck before they unload it, have a splitter or axe available to halve the split, then check the MC in the middle of the newly exposed surfaces...if it is below 20%, you are good to go...checking MC on the outside or the ends means nothing.
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Not SQ ft but cubic ft. Other than that heed the advice of @brenndatomu
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Hopefully you are buying this wood now to use next winter or else you will most likely be disappointed with it if you plan on using it this year.
Don't have pics, but my firewood ad on CL doubles as an infomercial. LOL

Just had a guy drive 1.5 hours one way to buy a cord last night. He has a Polar G2 and was sick of dealing with those selling wet wood advertised as seasoned.

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Ehh, not the best stuff... price was $50 less, 225 vs 275 from other market place sellers. Actual companies were upwards to 350. Pointed out some punky ones and he said those were the bottom pieces. Several round limb pieces. Found short 2x4. He said mostly maple and oak. I got some birch as well.

Definitely have ones showing insect holes, some have fungi growing. Lengths are not uniform.

Going to spend the extra $50 for more consistency on my next cord.

2-3 light ones that I just chucked.
10-15 showing some breakdown (shown leaning in front of pile.)

Also, looks a little short too.. going to get exact measurements tomorrow. Looks like MA has a Division of Standards that will help with this, even come out to measure and request from seller if needed. Basically those two columns are 8ft×4ft. The depth depth is short 1ft or so

Never again!

20221213_154440.jpg 20221213_140602.jpg 20221213_152824.jpg 20221213_154424.jpg 20221213_132858.jpg
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We love Mike and Melissa Morgan on Outdoors with the Morgans. Here's a video from a while back when Mike first bought his dump trailer. Mike sells some firewood and also wanted to get a visual of what a cord of firewood looked like loosely thrown into his new dump trailer. Near the end, he delivers and dumps the full cord to a neighbor.

He's got plenty of other vids with some "cord" references that are worth a look for first timers. Check them out.
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Here's another one for reference, just in case they show up with a pickup.
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One more, sorry not dumped in a pile but another pick up for visual reference.
Me, loaded and stacked about as full I dare on my half-ton. Only 3/4 of a cord restacked at home.
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Think I may have a picture of a pile dumped off driveway. Will look tomorrow.
I don't know. You've got a fair amount of wood there. Didn't realize you already had it stacked. (I must have scrolled right by that post) Should be pretty easy to throw a tape measure on it and know for sure.
I editted the post and added some pics. Yea, delivered at 11 and finished at 345. Had some sitting on snow, and it was taking up driveway space.
Hard to tell for sure from pics, but I'm guessing 3/4 cord
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The picture I was thinking of last night isn't what I thought it was.

My tree-firewood guy was on the street right through the woods behind our house. I stopped to chat with him, and asked about the wood. He said he'd drop it off.

IMG_2126 - Copy.JPG
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Hence, better to buy logs lengths and cut it yourself.
I have used the information from this website and is fairly accurate but it’s still an educated estimate. Hope this helps.

Pics of 1 cord of wood in pile please