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SmokeEater Posted By SmokeEater, Sep 19, 2011 at 2:29 AM

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    Feeling the Heat 2.

    Feb 10, 2011
    Northeastern NY
    Hi All,
    Want to thank all contributors, especially in the Boiler Room, for your answers to the many questions on boiler installations, requirements, tips, and all. I've been heating with a, I think, quite inefficient, wood, coal, oil combo hot air furnace. Thanks to you I'm converting to a pellet boiler even though I still cut and split hardwood firewood because I'm able. But, planning for the future, the day will come when I won't be able to "go to the woods". I've been cutting and burning about 20 to 25 face cords of seasoned hardwoods(mostly beech and hard maple) for 30 years. I looked at and like the idea of a gasifier, but I'd still have to cut, split, and dry some firewood. With the pellets I'm gambling on the price and availability, but there is a fairly large pellet mill nearby. I bought 10 tons from them for the season (I hope}. Thought I would sell my firewood for about $55 - $60 a face cord to help pay for the pellets. Anyway, my system that I'm now putting together consists of two independent boilers, a new Harman PB105 and a slant fin Liberty that I bought used, a 100 gal Triangle Tube Smart series, black iron piping(copper's outa site), modine in the cellar, radiant on main floor, and baseboard on second. I used to put 18 face cords in the cellar(along with bugs, bark, dust, and chips), and in that same space I think I can put about 5 tons of pellets and more if I can stack them higher. You and the Forum have been wicked helpful in assisting in my heat plan. Thanks.
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