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AnalogKid Posted By AnalogKid, Oct 4, 2013 at 10:31 AM

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    Oct 22, 2012
    I ordered a Gardus Sooteater off Amazon (great price, $48/free ship) about two weeks ago. The item showed up a couple days later.

    I head out to get started on my sweep. I unbox the Sooteater and notice there is no user guide. No biggie, I'll pull it up on-line. I then realize it is missing the adapter to attach the rods to the drill and an allen key. Hmmmm...? I did I tried to come up with a temporary solution until I could get the proper adapter. No such luck.

    I sent an email directly to the customer service folks at Gardus explaining that I was missing user guide, allen key, and most importantly the drill adapter, and asked if they could please send one to me.

    Right away I got a reply, apologizing and telling me that a new kit will be sent immediately at no cost to me. Great! Missing stuff on it's way!

    When she said "kit", I assumed she was referring to the manual, key, and adapter as a 'kit'. Well, the following day I receive an entirely new Sooteater! A full duplicate of what I had already purchased, plus the items I was missing first time around.

    That folks, is stellar customer service! And, I used the Sooteater and the product rocks! Super easy to set-up and use, and does a fantastic job. Highly recommend.

    Now I have enough rods to do my fathers 30' chimney. :)

    Thanks Gardus, you guys rock!
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