Question on my quadra fire adventure 3

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Dec 21, 2021
We have a quadrafire adventure 3 that has worked well for the last 5 years and throws out a ton of heat. Though one issue I have is with the thermostat controlling the damper. Sometimes, like before bed, I like to turn down the temp a few degrees to lengthen the burn time, but no matter how low I set it, I get no response from the stove.. it just continues burning through full blast. At this point, the only way to close the damper is to disconnect the pin that runs the automatic arm and manually damper, which is just silly.

Example- i put in a large piece of seasoned soft maple about an 90min ago, the temperature was set to 73, and I moved it down to 67 ~30min later. An hour later and it is actually 75 in here now.

Is there a reason the stove doesn’t respond to the thermostat in this case? Like it won’t damper if the stove is too hot for example, or is this a sign of a problem with an electronic component? Or perhaps an air leak somewhere? Or perhaps this is all normal and I don’t understand how to operate.



Oct 13, 2016
Ross, OH
Hi Mike, does your thermostat click when you turn down the temp?
Have you hit the button at the bottom of the unit within 30 minutes? If so, the stove ignores the thermostat for 30 minutes to ensure it get the wood started before dampening.
If the thermostat clicks and you haven’t hit the green button- this happened to me and I had to buy a new linear motor that runs the baffle. However, it looks like they cost $440. I don’t remember what it was 2 years ago, but it was high enough to make me source my own linear actuator. I bought this one I think I had to swap some mounts, but it works and has for 2 years.
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