Storing wood & termites

luv2byte Posted By luv2byte, Feb 4, 2006 at 6:39 AM

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  1. luv2byte

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    Feb 4, 2006
    Southwest Washington state
    We store our wood in our barn that is 1/2-3/4 acre away from the house. The barn is not sealed, it is open at both ends but is a roofed dry barn. Once a week or so we hook up the cart to the lawn tractor and go out to get wood which we then keep in our garage. Tonight we found termites. I know last year we were lax in getting the wood cut and put away into the barn so it got soaking wet and the outside still feels damp--even though it has been in a dry barn for 5 months or more now. It is very wet where we live--day 47 of a rainy day streak--we are in SW Washington state. The barn is a cement floor and it averages 32-45F in the winter here.

    Should we still burn the wood we found with termites (it is more than one piece)? How do you all store your wood so it stays dry to avoid fungus and bugs of all kinds?

  2. elkimmeg

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    Though not the best burning fuel the termites will burn. Most of the time they are found under the bark
    It is quite common to find a few. The rest of the log area can be dry. I have found them, in the centers on dry standing trees
    What you want to do is feel the weight of the log, use a few and if really wet, they will foam and hiss with water vapor
    comming out the ends. If that occure after the bark is burning the wood is too wet. Everbody gets a wetter piece mixed in.
    It happens and I consider it part of the process don't be concerned. Day after day this occures its wet wood (green)
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