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New Member
Nov 24, 2022
Alberta, CA
Hi there

Replacing an older free-standing gas stove that has a cracked glass and absolutely 'no' ID plate, tag . . . nothing . . . . so having to shell out $$s for this as a replacement.

I have been quoted on a Continental model (CDVS280) that I'm not familiar with the brand, although monitoring these brands isn't something I've done over the years. The older house I'm in has a brick chiminey with three, vertical clay flues inside of it that serve a gas stove apiece. Believe then that with an inside ID in the flue that serves the replacement of 6 inches that only the older style venting is possible and no direct vent as tearing out the older flue seems impossible save a major demo job.

Back to the Conti . . . Is this a reliable brand? Another sales person told me its the same factory as Napoleon with identifical models/builds at time but they just offer a shorter warranty. I find that to be difficult to believe that they sell it cheaper, with a shorter warranty for the same product as Napoleon.

Anyway, that is about all I understand at the moment.

Thanks in advance