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Sep 29, 2013
I'm stumped. Any idea what kind of tree this is? I live in Utah, and I've searched most of the tree ID databases I can find. I lost a large branch a week or so ago in a heavy snowstorm and cut up the wood yesterday. The leaves closely resemble Elm, but the growth habit of the trunks and branches is very odd - the branches will literally turn 90 degrees in their growth, which also tends to be almost horizontal. It does not have fruit and I don't know what the seeds look like, I've never noticed them. The wood is really dense, and the bark is a reddish grey. Thanks in advance.

20181028_150929.jpg 20181028_150935.jpg 20181028_150946.jpg 20190113_094954.jpg 20190113_102755.jpg 20190113_115835.jpg
It looks like some sort of Ornamental Cherry tree, does it have a sweet odor to it? Some sort of Ornamental fruit tree is my guess.....
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It does look like an ornamental cherry. Does it have a smell to it at all? I had a log from a tree service drop off that looked very similar. It was a little bit punky and stunk like bitter, musty cherry wood. The wood was noticeably softer than black cherry but some kind of cherry was my best guess. Had knobs and knots coming out like that one too.
Funny you both mentioned Cherry, it always reminded my of Cherry but I was puzzled by the lack of fruit. It may have a slightly sweet smell. I think you may be right, thanks for the help!
The bark reminds me of magnolia, but I'm not sure what you have there.
Looks to me like an ornamental cherry of some sort. Thought I saw what looked like the start of a canker, the wood splits clear and straight with off colored layers of heart and sapwood. And the leaves are oval serated.