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    HELP. I am trying to sell my home which has a 1979 Frontier woodstove (in immaculate condition I might add). The woman who has put an offer in on my home has contacted her insurance agency who tells her that the home can not be insured because there is no UL Listed tag on the stove. I have tried contacting the manufacturer at the number in the original warranty brochure, no luck. Can anyone help.


    The unfortunate reality is that if the stove does not have a permanent label attached to it stating that it is "UL Listed", or "meets the requirements of UL-1482" it is highly likely that it is not. As far as I know, the manufacturer(s) of Frontier woodstoves closed up shop many years ago.

    I am a Servicing Retailer in Portland, OR and we face similar circumstances quite often. Generally, the seller either removes the unlisted stove completely and sells the home without a stove or replaces it with a newer listed stove. Both the State of Oregon and most Insurance companies want "unlisted" woodstoves out of commission because of the uncertainty of their safety and unusually high emissions.

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