Want to leave NYS in 2 years. Taxes are crazy!

charly Posted By charly, Oct 15, 2012 at 8:20 PM

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    Try new hampshire. If you leave your extended land in 'current use', you don't really get taxed on it. It just needs to stay natural and allow trail use through it/etc, without liability. But you own it, and can take a chunk out of use if you want to build something, etc. and then you'd pay the taxes on it.

    That's where i'm headed in a couple years, hopefully.
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    Wow, big thread. I wouldnt blame you for those taxes. However I think its your locale, I mean NY is high in taxes but I'm guessing yours are higher than other similar areas. Truth is I am on the other side of the coin, would really like to move to NY in the next couple years. I know I'll pay more, but hopefully not too much more. Ohio has some cheap areas and some expensive areas. Were in between, but towards the cheaper side. But we live in a county that has practically nothing, and we live outside of town. Where we lived in Columbus just a few years back... our house was half the size, land was something like 100'x100' (2.2A now) and our taxes were almost $1,000 higher. Oh, but we got fancy streetlights (which I hated) and a fancy fountain that is about 200 feet wide in the center of town. Who gives a crap.

    I really miss NY. More woods. Mountains. Much nicer rivers and streams, and lakes. Free access state land everywhere. Ohio has crap for state land, and the few places to go hiking arent nearly as nice. The Ohio countryside is far more populated I think than rural NY, at least from what I have seen from both.

    But this is one thing I feared, charly, as you area is in the area I am considering near Albany. I work for the power company and a similar job exists in Albany that runs the grid in NY, I think I would have a good shot of getting that job if I wanted. So I'm looking at places 45min - 1hr drive away, hoping to find nice rural countryside that still drivable to the city. I really dont know anything about the area though. I grew up much farther north towards Watertown, and my family is up there still. So looking west/north of Albany (plus as close as I can get to the Adirondacks is an advantage too). It like to have a place just big enough to sustain heating with wood, and hunting deer off the land, without being too big I cant afford. I'm thinking maybe 20 acres might suffice, especially if there are lots of wood/fields around (dont want tons of neighbors, especially behind me). Maybe I am crazy, but cheap taxes aside, there isnt much I actually like about Ohio and lots I really want to move back to NY for.
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    Ohio Burner, by the time you want to move here, it could well be a buyers market with the taxes getting higher. National Grid is the local power company here in Albany. You should be able to find some nice places with in that driving time frame.

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