What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

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Raked the left over coals from last night's 11.30 pm reload to the front at 7.30 tonight, burned two pieces of (red oak) bark on top of them, and reloaded at 8.30 with red oak... (Not sure what my camera is doing to the colors...)

It's been 69-71 all day.

29 now, a low of 28.
Tomorrow I'll let the stove go cold; 49 predicted.
Next burn likely Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday.

After that nothing in the forecast tells me a fire is needed. Mini split time, aka spring is here.

And I'm traveling to Minneapolis Sunday - of all places one would wish to go in (still their) winter...


How big is your firebox?
Mine is 2.9 cubic foot.

It's still half filled at this time. It was 19 earlier this morning, and inside the lowest I saw was 69.
400 x 300 x 300

I suppose that's 16" x 12" x 12"

again, big fireboxes are hard to come by nowadays in europe afaiaa
the gov't wants us to burn
but they also want us feed

I'm just tryin to save money by cutting my elec bill
by burning much, MUCH less expensive fuel
Tonight we have an outside temp of 36, the temp in the basement started out at 75, the living area temps are both 71 with the sleeper at 68.

I loaded up the wood stove with six splits of beech & one split of ironwood. I did run the pellet stove for three hours after an early supper but shut that off before I started the wood stove fire.
We had 34.7 for a low this morning, the basement temp started out at 73, the living area temps were 69 & 70 with the sleeper at 69.

I loaded up the wood stove this morning with soft & sugar maple with ash.
Ashes and embers. It is 50 degrees out at noon. going to be in the 50's the next few days, one or two days in the 40's after that and then in the 50's to almost 60 for next week. Will clean the stove tonight and probably just do overnight and morning burns Thur / Fri.
Yahoo sez 43F with realFeel at 24F

Wind out of the north is uncommonly powerful…and darn cold…I expect some more trees to go down

I wanted to burn some ivy in burn cans today, but the wind would have just knocked the burn cans over…so I just cleaned up all the small stuff a bit by hand

Came back to the house and cleaned up my wood store to stock up inside. Along with that, I dug out some apple that is under plastic. It seems like the apple burn times are really long …and the coals stay really hot compared with the ash and oak I’ve been mostly burning this season. Maybe because this apple has been cured for a couple years, so it is very dry.
Warm ashes. Next fire starts sometime later in the day Wednesday; 49 now (34 is the low for tonight, but I'll use the minisplit tomorrow morning because), tomorrow the high is 54, the low is 47, and Wednesday a high of 55.

See you then.
We have an outside temp of 27.9 tonight, the basement temp started out at 75 (I ran the pellet stove after supper) the living area temps were both 70 with the sleeper at 69.

The wood stove has one split of beech, four splits of ash, one split of ironwood & two splits of smaller maple in it for the overnight heat.
It’s beautiful sunshine this morning
Yahoo sez 44F with realFeel at 34F

As usual, I’m just keeping it going to avoid using elec

3splits are usually all I can fit
Now that it's warm, I'm thru the ash and pine trash in my stack, and back into beautiful square splits of solid red oak. :mad: My wood follows a FIFO stocking policy, to within the nearest 1/8 to 1/4 cord, and sometimes it just works out this way. Red oak on weeks running 35F -55F, pine and punky ash on days running 15F -35F. Not ideal, but also not worth re-sorting the stacks, just to get to a different species.
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Just the pellet stove on this morning Got up to 4 ::C and the house at 21::C
Today starting, sunny with a high of 16::C with possible Thunderstorms.
16 and Thunderstorms are you sure it is February in Eastern Ontario
30’s and climbing today so my morning fire will be it. Took a bit of tinkering since foggy out and draft was not that great. Splits of oak and maple cruising at 600 STT now.
We had a low of 38.1 this morning, the basement temp started out at 73, both living area temps were 69 with the sleeper at 68.

Since we might hit 60 today we're not heating with the pellet or wood stove, I'll take some ashes out to the garbage can by the fireplace and then we'll start a wood stove fire once the temps start dropping tonight.
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Forecast high of 71 today at 2:00 dropping to 17 by 8:00 tomorrow morning. What the heck? That's a 54 degree drop in 18 hours!
Coaling from last nights 2/3 load. Chilly nights, warm days. House is about 69, with the coals doing their thing and the sun today maybe I should of done a 1/3 load last night. Let’s see :confused:
Put wood in at midnight when I went pee. didn't bother loading it this morning. house was at 70. No one will be home and temps in the mid 50s for the day. Saving some wood this week with the temps above normal for this time of the year.
I started the pellet stove at 6:45 tonight, I'll shut that off before I call it a night. The outside temp tonight is 47.1, the basement temp is 73, both living area temps are 71 with the sleeper 68 the last time I checked.
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53 degrees and a cold stove. Supposed to be 16 degrees at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Too warm to make a fire now, too cold in the morning to not get one going yet tonight. Front is about to come through. When it does I'll get one going. Definitely a 3/4 load. Haven't decided if it will be all hardwood or more of a shoulder season...
Went all hardwood in last nights 3/4 load. Had to leave the damper open because it was so warm out it wasn't drafting when it closed it even halfway. 15 degrees outside and windy as heck. Everywhere inside is about 65, so I'll have a full load of mixed hardwood and shoulder season wood.
Small fire last night at like 7:30 after work. House went from 65 to 71 with like 4 splits due to the warm weather. Threw two too long pieces on before bed diagonally and was still 68 when I woke up. No fire today it's 54 and we're all gonna to work and school. Back at it tonight.
Our low this morning was 46, the basement temp was 68, both living area temps were 68 with the sleeper temp at 68. Nothing for heat today but if we do want it warmer, we'll use the propane fireplace/insert.
My stove is cold today for the first time since Halloween. High in the mid 60's yesterday and only mid 50's for a low last night. Currently 61F outside, but a cold front is supposed to push through this evening and the overnight low is forecast to dip into the low 20's with a strong NW wind, so I plan to fire back up tonight before bed with a load of ash and red maple.