What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

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No fire today. Too warm. Heat pump to take chill off. Fire tomorrow than a stretch of warm weather so mini splits again. Getting another cord soon after things dry out.
With we have a forecast low of 11 tonight, I started up the pellet & wood stoves after supper, the basement temp was 66 but that is 78 the last I checked.

The Wind Advisory is still on until tomorrow morning so tonight both stoves will go cold and we'll set the furnace at 62.

...WIND ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 AM EST THURSDAY...* WHAT...Southwest to West winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph.* WHERE...Portions of northern New York and Vermont.* WHEN...Until 7 AM EST Thursday.* IMPACTS...Gusty winds will blow around unsecured objects. Tree limbs could be blown down and isolated power outages may result.
Another two loads of beautiful straight-grained square-split red oak, tonight. My kitchen cabinets were made of lesser quality wood, than what I'm putting thru these stoves on these warm evenings. :mad:

Nasty weather out there, thought. Crazy windy, with rain squalls every 30 minutes, and even some lightning and thunder. Spent most of it driving up and down the turnpike, to and from north Philly. Temp dropped 59F down to 49F in about 30 minutes earlier, and now we're headed for the mid-20's within the next few hours. Not unusual temperatures, but the wind and rapid change make it a wild ride.
We have an outside temp of 18.5 tonight with the winds still cranking it up, the basement temp is 79, the living area temps are 72 & 73 with the sleeper at 69.

I did run a six split load in the wood stove earlier but I shut the fan off on that and pushed the air all the way in a few hours ago, the pellet stove has been going but that will get shut down before I call it a night.
We had a low of 9.7 this morning when I checked, the basement temp started out at 68, the living area temps were 64 & 65 with the sleeper at 67.

We didn't run any of the stoves after I shut the pellet stove down last night so today we have both the pellet & wood stove going.
No I don't but I CAN tell you up here we got a BUNCH of rain last summer. 95 deg with 98% percent humidity was normal. It was NOT the time of year to work on the woods. Well and the Copperheads,Rattlers and European Hornets the size of your finger are a deterrent as well. Every place you look are Yellow Jacket nests too. I have a BIG one where i'm working tomorrow but they seem absent today.
what you don't want newyorker'sup your way ;lol ;lol ;lol ;lol
10 outside. LR is down to 64, downstairs 70. 2 hardwood and 4 pine/aspen. Sun is out and supposed to hit 40ish. Definitely notice more heat loss up in the LR with no curtains on the window and patio door while I am remodeling.
Outside temp 25. Strong wind last night and will be breezy today with high of 33. Full top down load of oak and maple with a biobrick and a few cutoff chunks of cherry.
Yesterday night it didn't really cool down fast (still 49 at midnight), and I did not want to have poor draft and gusty wind with a stove running low, so I started a fire this morning with a partial load of red oak and one pine split to get it going fast.
Oak reload after this mornings partial load was done (and a split of fir on the coals was done).
36 outside now, 25 forecast for the low, upstairs is 69 because I underestimated the solar gain, and thus it cooled down a bit faster than I expected, right when the load was done.

Cold today, with wind. Cold tonight through tomorrow then a bit of a warm up for the weekend. Still burnable temps but low and slow.
Anyhow here’s tonight’s (and tomorrow’s) load

The outside temp tonight is 13.1, the basement temp is starting out at 77, the living area temps are 69 & 70 with the sleeper at 68 the last I checked. Accu has a forecast low of 11 in the morning.

The overnight load has five splits of beech and two splits of ironwood, hopefully that will be enough btu's that the house stays warm enough for the boss.
20’s again this morning than 40’s. Top down start to get things warmed up. Probably one reload of Ash and cherry before I let it go out. Warm weather into next week.
We had a low this morning of 15.3, the basement temp started out at 73, the living area temps were 66 & 67 with the sleeper at 67.

The liberty received a load of ash and soft maple before I headed outside for some time with the splitter.
Nice and sunny day here. I just added a little bit of oak shorties to carry me to tonights reload. 39 outside, 71 inside.
Small load of oak for the night. Almost burned my hand as it got going well before I was done loading (people who say red oak is slow to start don't have dry wood....).

Tomorrow and all thru next week it'll be 50s during the day and 40s during the night. So mini split time.

I'll be doing one crisping fire later in April before I clean the stove.
Not sure there'll be another fire before that as the forecast is like the coming week. (Long term tho, so who knows.)

Suits me well as I don't have to start burning from a new stack then.

Tonight we have an outside temp of 29.8, the basement temp started out at 77 (thanks pellet stove) the living area temps are 71 & 72 with the sleeper at 69.

The pellet stove is off and the wood stove has a full load with some beech, soft maple and some birch limb wood going in it.
Only did a 3/4 load of hardwood mix last night, so it's a little chilly inside this morning. 3/4 load of 2 hardwood and 4 shoulder season chunks to take the chill off. Going up to 56 and sunny today, so that will be it until another small overnight load tonight.
temps ranging from 30F - 48F daily
keeping the fire going 24hrs per day at the mo
it's just easier and waaaay more efficient heat than pricey electric

right now I just added some oak and ash n top of apple+oak+beech+ash coals

my neighbor has just promised to bring us his dead apple trees
which will be a nice addition

it's sad to see the apples all dying, tho

they had their time, they're probably the same age as I am!