Wood ID Oak or Ash or something else?

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Aug 28, 2022
Nova Scotia, Canada
I got a great selection of wood from my wood guy the other day. More on its way as well. Looks like a mix of oak ash maple and birch. However I'm seeing lots of this type. Perhaps it's oak or ash. I'm not sure because the bark is a brownish colour. It's heavy but it's also green. Its got a darker ring inside and looks like a clean split and none are stringy. I can't see any medullary lines cause the chainsaw marks have the ends all scuffed up. My wood guy must just go ham on this stuff cause all the ends have serious chainsaw marks. Here are some pics:

I appreciate all effort and responses. Thanks

Wood ID Oak or Ash or something else? Wood ID Oak or Ash or something else? Wood ID Oak or Ash or something else?
The bark and the color of the inner wood do not look like the Ash I have here.
I would not know how Ash would like where you are (or farther south as the other poster is)
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Looks like ash to me. A lot of the ash on my property has a slightly darker heartwood like yours.

And the bark on your wood looks like ash bark that’s been dragged around a bit. Probably by the log skidder or whatever they used to pull the trees out of the woods.

The hickory I have has similar bark, but much darker heartwood.