Wood ID please

Holzstapel Posted By Holzstapel, Jun 18, 2013 at 11:50 AM

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  1. clemsonfor

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    There is one in front of my farm house or my granmothers house that has been there for as long as i remember well i could say at least 15 years that i positively know of. it is like 2"s in diameter. It does not get much top light as there are big ceders beside it but its on the road side so it gets plenty of light from the side of the road.

    I oversee logging operations and we never have them cut that are any bigger than a few inches that i ever see on the ground after they cut. I guess some could be on the pulpwood truck that i did not see the foliage but i normally would see it as i would guess the bark not to look like anything else?

    i need to look at the range, maybe were right on the edge of the range or something?
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